Introducing EVE Academy


We have just released a new site designed to help new players: EVE Academy.

EVE Academy is designed to help bring you up to speed on the core mechanics of EVE Online while also providing a clear way for any Capsuleer to advance their career in a way that suits them. The site is currently in a beta stage with a bounty of content already available in the form of video guides, beginner ship fits, skill plans, and plenty more.

EVE Academy was developed in collaboration with players and we will continue to update the Academy in the coming months with new videos and resources. We want your input so please use this thread for any questions or feedback that you might have as well as suggestions for more career specific resources.


So its EVE-Uni’s wiki but with less content

I mean, would have been easier to just redirect the URL to their wiki no?


Seems very well written , content is paced and constructed well. Deffo Give the team who wrote this a congrats.

Only feedback is the industrial ships need their fits updated to account for the WCS update.


The Community links section misses the link to Dotlan. I don’t see a need for newbies to know about EVE Who as all that information is available ingame in the corp history, character show info window, alliance member list and so on.

Dotlan, on the other hand, offers a navigation experience via its maps and tools that far surpass the ingame tools for route management and data usage.

And the Help Center still has the wrong information about Pochven standing requirements for gate traveling. You might want to update that before you list the entire thing as helpful resource for new players.

And why is this topic in slow mode? :thinking:


I hate to be That Guy…

But how about a link to lore and the in-universe world news?


Thanks! And yes, we’re aware. We’re working on adding the updated fit now.

We’re trying to fill a different niche. E-Uni is a fantastic resource but we want to provide a more curated starting guide. Throwing certain EVE Uni pages at some newer players can be a fair bit of information overload. It’s excellent, but dense - however we happily link to them for more info in a number of places.



a lot of things in eve uni are outdated, especially the fits

this page is pretty good


Quit it with the slow mode as the default already!!!

lol. 18 years later they cloned the Eve University Wiki.

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Seconding this. Links to Lore resources would be an excellent addition to this, especially since this quadrant is supposed to have a generalized focus toward lore, and player identity with the empire or faction they choose to support, whether its the one they start with, or choosing later on in their play.


Yes, indeed, it can be hard to figure out.


One gripe I have is that it looks like it’s trying to say eve has ‘classes’ and that noobs should specialise/focus towards one.

I believe noobs would benefit from keeping an open mind. Trying a little of everything before they decide to focus into anything. Should we not refer to them as activities and emphasise the freedom eve provides when it comes to switching between them?


So where is it in game where you can see every single member of a corp?

Considering how CCP balances the games, do you really want them to be the ones to suggest fits? :stuck_out_tongue:


well if they use fits that players suggested and such, from here or eve uni if they are updated.

No, we should be glad CCP is doing it themselves. As neutral as Eve Uni may be, it’s still player run and subject to at least some biases. Plus, while it’s been around for a long time, there’s no assurance it’ll be here forever. Plus, people always ■■■■■ about the NPE. If CCP had just used Eve Uni, there’s be complaints about CCP being lazy with their NPE experience. This gives new players an introduction how CCP want it, while letting them go to Eve Uni if they want to look for further info.


The ‘soldier of fortune’ part makes repeated references to pvp outside hi-sec and avoids mentioning the dangers or pvp opportunities in hi-sec.

That really is just misleading.

The sec-status video does redeem that somewhat (it’s a good video well done), but please expressly mention in some way that it is possible for criminals to destroy someones ship in hi-sec before CONCORD can respond.


This. Very much this. This quadrant’s all about the empires and celebrating the EVE story… but finding the story is really hard.


PLEASE do not tell newbies to train the “magic 14”, those are long term skills and/or for alts with a long skill plan. They are boring skills that just overall make you a little bit better, the list was created back when characters started with less skills and it was more of an issue.

True newbies aren’t helped with “2% more [whatever]”, they are helped with unlocking new play styles, new ships, weapons or ship factions. Allowing them to try NEW things, to see what stuff they might enjoy and possibly get them interested in the game. The boring skills they can do later once they are hooked, you’re effectively telling them “train these learning skills first” like it was in the past.

Stating it as a backup plan is fine, telling them to train it right from the start is really bad.