Audio Issues, can't hear Aura's voice

I was enjoying the tutorial the other week when all of a sudden I couldn’t find the mission I was on after going to get the civilian data analyzer. So I’ve restarted the tutorial with a different character because I want to pay more attention, and I can’t hear Aura’s voice. on either of my computers. All my audio settings are turned on. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the game (mac osx). I can hear docking requestes and other sounds but no pop-ups from in game characters. Any help please? I really want to start playing. Thanks!


¯_(ツ)_/¯ who needs Aura’s voice…
Most people are glad that she stfu…

It’s really just for the tutorial, it’d be nice to hear what I need to do next

I back that question: I hear no wormhole jump sounds, and most of the gatejump sounds neither, there’s only a little hiccup left.
I “lost” them after the update about 3-4 weeks ago. Yesterday I’ve set the jump sounds up to 100%, but nothing.
That was no problem until I had to surveil a wh for 2 hours - staring at it has psychedelic effects…

Any hints?


EVE has sound?

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Yes, even very sophisticated.
I am quite surprised how much impact these faint sound effects can have, it’s more a whisper than a sound, but it works!

Not sure if you are aware but “EVE has sound?” is a meme.

…and my problem is real.

I already saw that meme on several occasions, but it isn’t too funny for me, because sound is an important part of the game for me.

I guess that means you don’t understand why the meme exists (its origin) and also got offended by meaningless things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, “offended” is too harsh. As long as it’s for a laugh, it’s ok. Only if I try to solve a problem, I may become irritated or impatient.
I have a slight idea where this meme may come from, but frankly, I don’t care very much. It’s way down in my skilling list :wink:

I understand why you are irritated by it but it shouldn’t as it doesn’t mean what you think it means… I think. It does not mean EVE should have no sound nor that sound is meaningless, it originates from the practice of turning off sound in order to reduce the processing power needed by the game thus reduce lag. That’s all. It became a meme based on that and is a somewhat “obligatory” thing to say when the subject of sound in EVE is discussed. Just a random joke. In no way does it reduce the importance of your inquiry nor goes against it nor means any offense whatsoever.

No problem any more, I found the solution: No turret sound

It works for me, too. Dunno how it got to 0, but never mind.

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