How do I turn Aura back on?

i can’t find any post that clearly states how to turn aura back on, only ones who say they hate aura


Did a little bit of digging, wasn’t the way I first thought it would be, but here it is:

If you look at your tutorial mission objectives, should be listed in your upper left part of your screen, there in the bottom there should find a “Aura Tips” click that and it should popup with the Aura window again (see img below).


Greetings mate! If you need any kind of help n the future, I’m glad to help, if so, just mail me

Hmm. It seems it is just a limited thing then. Aura is really only for the starting missions? I’ve completed them, but I had disabled aura and didn’t read the tip on how to re-enable it. But I read enough just before I clicked off it to see it is possible to re-enable it. No big deal then. The web and the forum is plenty, and of course friends online.

I found her in the list of Agents, using the Agent Finder tool in The Agency.
She is located at the starting station for I guess everyone, probably.

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