Attn FOB hunters! Gurrista Kestrels spotted in Vaere 0.8

I’d be willing to fund and/or build ships for a fleet to find and destroy FOB. Or alternatively pay 1b isk outright upon competition.

Obviously we can only hire one fleet so as not to have competing fleets.

Contact me in game to work out details.

Price negotiable - I really hate FOB’s
(i.e. 1b plus ship replacements for losses)

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Greetings Paliphany Bradbury,

I have taken up your public forums advert regarding the FOB’s present in the system of Vaere. There were two of them present and I have destroyed both of them. Here are the kill-mails:
Guristas Forward Operating Base | Guristas | Killmail | zKillboard - destroyed today at 04:11 EVE Time
Guristas Forward Operating Base | Guristas | Killmail | zKillboard - also destorye today at 05:10 EVE Time
I did them solo. Why call in a fleet, when The Vex can handle it?
I will accept payment, as advertised in your post.

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”

Greetings and Well Met,

I called for a fleet because that is what I had read was needed. Well Done!.
You should find 1b for each plus 10% for your speedy efficient handling of them.

Next time who am I gonna call? @Adrian_Vexier :slight_smile:

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