FOB Groups

Need a group to hire to take out a FOB.

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Check this and get in touch with people who run this rubbish.

I can remove a Gurista FOB for a fee. Send me location ingame, and I make you an offer (fee mostly depends on my travel time from Jita.

EDIT: checked your killboard, and it looks like you know how to kill a FOB, with two on your KB already, lol.

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so rattle, faction mods, xl shield repper with big torps and ogre2’s???

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Nope. This will get you killed. Your fit must work with 0 cap, because you are neuted dry in a couple of seconds. The nos is not a reliable compensation as you get ECMed occasionally from far out.

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any tips then? - same IGN if u want to msg me there

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Need a group to hire to take out a Blode Riders FOB in Hgh Sec .

Contact me in game


what about blood raiders?

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