Blood Raider Fob just got personal


as you can see Rattlesnake | makiae | Killmail | zKillboard already tried killing it. My fit does not work anymore any options to fit it better switch ships ? I do not have allies nearby that are willing to help so it will be mostly alone. I know the torpedos are polorized no need to tell me. I am talking about a shield fit that can tank on coming traffic with ease while being neuted, also please share me the implants.

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Polarized killed you, all your shield resists mods were waste and had zero effect. Haven’t tried one after the surgical strike nerf, but heard that it is still possible, but harder. Bringing more people will also make the spawns harder, so it’s not that easy.


Not sure how different the Guristas one is from the Blood Raider but these can still be soloed:

Maybe you could ask that capsuleer in EVEmail for some tips or something.

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gotcha thanks

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