Pirate FOB base removals -- Any takers?

Since the Forward Operating Bases have appeared, there seems to be a steady proliferation of them disrupting operations in Highsec.

While not a Merc PVP contract offer, I am still curious if any of the groups here have considered eliminating them for a fee. Seems a nice tidy income if you can get them done efficiently. I know you have the mojo :grin:

Any offers?

Here is a success story to help this along

Wanda, in case you haven’t already seen it, you can now probably contact https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Onslaughtor to make an offer to have an FOB destroyed, as seen in the FOB post.

Good luck.


Hi. As chairman of our group Im going to offer our services. No promise on when we can get to your FOB however as we are still working out our system.

Forward Operating Base in Bania can you get it killed for us and we will pay you 350 mil

Our services of FOB removal are now in full swing for all of mainland highsec and even some islands . Hire cost depends on distance from our base and how fast you want it done.