Pirate FOB Removal

I’m unable to find any recent posts from any corp currently offering FOB removal services. I am willing to pay for these services. Mail me in-game if interested.

Edit: To be clear, I am willing to pay for someone to provide these services for me, I am not offering them myself.

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pardon for my ignorance but what is FOB?

Forward outpost.

Pirate NPC structure in HS that sends miner to belts and when someone is already here they call big fleet to shoot you down .

Basically provides nothing to kill, is annoying, can lead to people killing you by the simple fact of warping onto you.

ohhhhhhhh ty anderson
the service op is claiming looks useful to miners them

Yeah, that’s why I’m looking for one, haha.

im learning a lot here


How much of a fleet does it take to kill on of those these days? I haven’t checked since the resistance nerf…

Our corp runs FOBs with some regularity…feel free to pm me in game if you’d like to discuss us clearing them for you. It will depend on how far away you are and how frequently you want the service provided.

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That’s not an answer and you know it. :beer:

How big a fleet does it take to put one down?

one man.

If you search on the forum, several people give “how to”. Still this is better with practice.

OK, II still don’t see me doing one with my 3 toons, but haven’t tried in a long time.

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