♦ Still Need Help Figuring Out How to Survive Bashing FOB's

They should at least have to take down the welcome signs in the system.

I’m still not home.

*01:20 EveMail sent.

I think the lowsec ones have a more dangerous spawn.

The thing about the Marauders is their fast bonus derived MJD, the rats don’t actually scram you, they point you, so an MJD enables you to get out. I did theory craft a Paladin for this but it was a bit blingy.

The Rattlesnake has to be blingy as hell, most fits I saw were for the Gurista FOB’s though. I think that three Leshaks spider tanking with a frigate to keep the hauler spawn occupied is the best bet, though perhaps two Leshak and a Nestor could do it too.

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I think your right. Thanks for your input kind sir.

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fobs will suppress the yield of mining zones they spawn in by forceing the active miners off the ores, allowing npc mining fleets to empty the system of harvestable roids, and the inactive afk miners die.
FOBS can be destroyed very easy, Think peeling an onion.
If you want specific data from a corp that kills caldari FOBS on the reg, send us an email and someone will respond,


Logging in now.

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These guys are very experienced in the game. I trust them for PVE as well as PVP.


Yeah. I think CCP LOVES that train of thought. “Put in an hour of overtime” working for CCP.

But, if PVP is the only thing not boring, then that’s where you go. Flying cheap “good enough” is a way to maximize that hour.

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Then you have misplaced your trust on this issue, because FOBs are not difficult. It just takes a bit of effort to get it started.

If you have not touched FOBs before then sure they can and do seem scary, but once the mechanics are understood, all you need is a rattlesnake and you can sit there and face tank the structure.

FOBs sadly are normally not worth the time even to solo it. The isk from them is really negligible and the only good stuff would be from salvage of the wreck

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That’s not accurate. It depends on the spawn. I can tank 4/5 but that 1 always gets me. I’ve run a ton of them in a Rattlesnake on SiSi. So many things can screw the spawn up for you.

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I’ve given you the fit and explained to you how best to go about it. That method if done right is a sure way to get it done.

Friend of mine has run tons of FOBs (mainly clearing out ones that are annoying) and has not died once

I’m not sure, “use a passive shield tanked Torp/Cruise Rattlesnake to engage the FOB. ( FOB Running ) Fit resist amplifiers based on which one you are running.” qualifies as giving me the fit.

I appreciate the one piece of advice that you gave me but I’ve only seen it work (or even apply) 1/4 times.

Hearsay is often inaccurate. Can you ask him to contact me?

Fairly certain I directly linked you the fit. It shows what modules you need and I believe it has the refit inside it (if not I can give that to you).

FOBs are extremely straight forward.

You find and kill the hauler while it is out on a belt. Kill it before it warps to its safe or after doesn’t matter as long as it dies.

Once it is dead, warp your rattlesnake to the FOB. Deploy drones and engage the FOB.

No more complex than that with the fit you have.

About that. I’ve seen a BLUE hauler and a RED hauler. I assume one of those is the “right” one.

If you could send that fitting I’d appreciate it. I looked and can’t find it.

Thanks again.

Blue haulers would be NPC corps for the different Empires. Red haulers will be the Pirate Faction haulers. You need to kill the hauler linked to the FOB, so either a Gurista or a Blood Raider hauler.

I will do so when I am home from work tonight

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Yes, but I’ve seen BLUE haulers name “Blood Raider” and witnessed them docking at the FOB I was shooting. I think you’re correct that the RED one linked to the FOB is the one to kill.

I should probably practice up on Sisi on some of this stuff first. I don’t always think of the obvious.

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Excellent idea. Logging into SiSI is simple and you don’t have to worry about losing a 100 ISK ship. Everything else is the same as TQ.

Do FOB’s actually spawn on SISI? They did not use to and the reason given was CCP did NOT want people to figure them out without risk.

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They do, I’ve practiced running them on Sisi not that long ago