FOBs and high sec communities

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"Increased conflict over dwindling resources across New Eden has caused the Guristas and Blood Raiders to expand their influence and industrial capability, staging daring raids into high-security space which lies under the sovereignty of the empires.

New pirate Forward Operating Bases – or FOBs – have been spotted across New Eden, creating new opportunities for groups of likeminded capsuleers to band together and work toward driving out the threat.

Scan them down and hit them hard to reap the rewards from defeating hostile forces."
-From the the eve website

This sounds great but It gives me a lot of questions.

  1. Will it be like the shipyards, will ships spawn endlessly like the shipyards and spawn according to your fleet size?
  2. Will they spawn in high sec or low sec?
  3. What loot does it drop? Bpcs of its faction (which i’m putting my isk on) or faction mods or other things?
  4. How are the prices rewarded?
  5. Will the station go into reinforce mode?
  6. Will they change locations?
  7. Will their be signs of a station in system? (Mining fleets and etc.)
    As these question can only be answered by a dev, I do have one for the eve community

Does anyone think a community forming around finding and destroying these station is likely, and if so, for what rewards (as in, at what level of rewards would draw a group of people from their average activities to form a fleet?

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Many of these questions have already been answered over in the Warzone Extraction thread.
Added bonus is that Devs are responding to questions in the thread as well.
In regards to players’ interest and needed motivation? It’s EVE, who can understand the players anyway?

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We haven’t had the devblog on Forward Operating Bases yet but the teaser indicates they will be group PVE in highsec. My expectation is that it will be fairly high end content - possibly a scaled down shipyard and the existing incursion communities will organize to take them on if the rewards justify it.

The resource wars seem better suited to new players and solo or small group.

CCP will likely give us a few more devblogs before Vegas. The conversation will be a lot more productive if people attending understand the features and have a bit of time to think about them.

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Can you drop a link to that thread please.

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Sorry, I was in error and I was reporting what I had cobbled together by numerous threads and in channel hints by certain individuals. Official update will probably (heh) be at EVE Vegas, although a blog may be dropped before then. You know just as much as everyone else (officially).

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