Pirate FOB in Minmatar space

Do the FOB rats and stations spawn in minmatar space at all? I read it was guristas in caldari and gallente space and blood raiders in amarr but nothing in minmatar?

They do not; this is because there does not yet exist any FOB of Angel Cartel origin. It is however something that CCP has said (I think I remember them saying it) will come in due time along with their own Sotiyos for capsuleers to hunt down and kill. Perhaps not for Sansha Faction? due to them doing Incursions all around space.

Bloodraiders were the first to get their shipyards (Sotiyos); then came Guristas, and probably Angel Cartel/Sansha some time soon™


this would be interesting if ccp can send us a link or info if minmatar will or will not get FOB.

Bloodraiders and Bloodraider’s FoBs do spawn in .5 systems in Minmatar space. Those are the only ones I know about.

FOB absolutely spawn in Minmatar space. Blood Raider appear in Amarr and Minmatar space, Guristas in Caldari and Gallente space.

Ok thanks that is good to know since FOB rats going to appear in ice mining and combat anoms plus mission deadspace soon if those are in same system as the FOB base.

Where do you read that? That they appear in mining anomalies is normal but missions would be new and utterly not welcomed. FOB are annoying crap as it is and the things that EVE needs least now are more annoying things.

What is your source for that info?

With Target painters coming from rats it would be difficult for players to solo that content.

I think that was the point but lets read further on notes. They trying to push more group content away from solo in L4 and afk ice miner not possible.

Where does this information come from? Have you proof?

I rather like these FOB’s gave me four days of fun gameplay.

lost a skiff to these FOB’s didn’t know they were in system was webbed , warp scrammed and jammed 100% of the time my tank lasted 15 min but was unable to do any damage to them…

need a better warning system when they pop in system lol NOTIFY would have worked

setting was set to show FOB’s but got no warning

don’t like this now if they start to come to ice belts and moon mining well lol …clcik no more income from me and my 6 accounts thats for sure.

There is a notice in the system plus you can dscan for the rats. Its going to be more interesting that they now come into peoples mission pockets if a FOB base is in that system.

Once again please provide a source for this info, otherwise you are just scare mongering.

I have talked to a player who lclaimed he lost his exploration ship while he was hacking a site he had probed down. He was in a capsule, but I idn’t see the incident although there was indeed a FoB in system. KB did show he lost a ship to FoB rats, but I cdon’t remember specifically looking on the km for where in system.

I have never seen them enter a mission site. Ditto with an exploration site. Although, it doesn’t mean they won’t now…

what notice is given I saw none ?? please where do I see this other than having the agency open all the time taking up real estate :slight_smile:

Go to your Overview Settings.
Under Types go to Entity.
Scroll down and add check the ones with the diamond symbol.
When you see these on your D-scan or Overview then you should consider checking your agency.

You can see other entity types too…

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