Isssues, please look into them

Can you please ask CCP why multiple bloodraider fobs spawn in the same system? Yes I have pictures of this if needed.

Can you ask why one region of space has 6-8 bloodraider fobs at once? Yes I have pictures of this if needed.

Can you please ask why bloodraider fobs don’t despawn after a given time?

Can you find if fob where added to deny players or miners places to play or to have a reason to not log in?

Can you ask CCP about risk versus reward. High Sec looses as many ship year to date as null sec but does not have the rewards?

Can you ask why High Sec ganker have a 50% chance of loot drop but the mission or ded runner in high sec don’t have a 50% chance of good loot drops?

Can you ask CCP why a ganker in high sec can pull off 34 ganks before they have to worry about security standing?

Can you ask why CCP or eve balance only favors aggressive play style?

Can you ask if CCP is going to bring any real consequences for negative security standing to high sec? High Sec still have -10 security standing players actively ganking.

Would you please ask CCP to release the number of characters or accounts that play in each region of space? The last numbers that were made public were 4-6 years ago.

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Honestly that’s a lot to ask for, you are actually blessed by the Gods if even 1 gets acknowledged

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pretty relevant questions

I don’t feel I have been contributing enough to these forums lately, so perhaps I’ll take a try? The CSM can use my thoughts to start the discussion with you or CCP, if there are indeed answers to issues to talk about.

I’ll go question-by-question, but question except when it makes sense to group them.

I’m guessing, like the majority of other sites in the game they just randomly spawn, and thus accumulate where players find them less. Places where there a more players, or at least more players running/killing the FOBs there are less, place more remote, say like highsec islands, they will pile up.

People claim they do despawn after a given time, like a week or two, but only CCP could confirm that. Also, CCP is vague of course, but it’s seems part of their efforts to bring the universe to life and make it more dynamic using NPCs. It’s fundamentally the same as Incursions, Invasions, and now these Triglavian conduits, the oldest of which have been in the game for years.

So yes, it is designed to make you have to react to the universe around you and make some places more dangerous and some more safe. But there are still plenty of “safe” systems in highsec that don’t have NPCs roaming around in them. If you want to evade them, you still just can. If you want to evade them by not logging in, that is also your choice. You could also work to kick them out of “your” system. There are options here.

CCP can improve on this, but you can make as much as nullsec subcap ratter in you subcap in highsec. Abyssal space makes safe turbo-farming available in both places, but that aside, Incursion/Invasions, blitzing Lv 4s/burners, and now moon mining have all made “reward” pretty equal in both places for those in subcaps. Null, does have an advantage when capital/supercapital ratting, or Rorqual mining, but they are risking more on the field, so risk vs. rewards seems respected.

This issue is always tough to untangle as this isn’t a apples-to-pears comparison with different types of costs and risks in both place, and statistics that need to be normalized properly to population and activity, but I will say I’d love to see some actual balance changes, or any action at all from this so-called ‘Economic Council’ that is suppose to be regularly monitoring the game’s economy.

It’s obvious that the economy has been largely ignored, a secondary consideration at best, for almost the last decade and much of the game’s problems can be laid at the feet of this neglect. I’d love it if they’d actually do something other than show us how they are monitoring the economy stagnate in a presentation once or twice a year.

Simple math and game balance? If you are killing thousands of hapless NPCs, what they drop has to be balanced against the number that explode.

Besides, I’m sure in general, NPCs have a higher than 50% chance to drop something. What that loot is worth is largely determined by the players, so blame the other people farming the NPCs and competing with you on the market.

What is the correct number of criminal actions before they become an outlaw? The forumula takes into account a bunch of factors, and you can drop much faster depending on who and where you shoot someone.

But that isn’t the biggest issue preventing most people from dabbling in criminality - it is the killright against you that is generate after a single criminal act. You basically lose your CONCORD protection after a single criminal action, successful or not.

So no, criminals don’t get “34” free ganks without have to worry about their security in highsec. In fact, they get zero.

Dear me. Maybe I can just add some links here for the reader to explore this statement on their own:

There’s more, but I think that is enough to get someone started on getting up to speed on the issue.

I’m pretty sure there are real and serious consequences. Just try to do anything as a -10 in highsec and see how far you get. Other than outright banning them, there pretty much isn’t any additional consequence you can add - they have them all already.

CCP Larikin posted some new stats recently… Ah, there:

There are a bunch of caveats here with definitions and new/trial players influencing the statistics, but seems reasonable to me.


No they are not, because the problems mentioned by OP are totally subjective and can be solved easily by the OP himself within the given rule set. That’s called “playing the game”.


CCP Quant used to publish useful statistics on Reddit as well. I think there should be a rule requiring devs to at least post a link on the official forums if they present useful information that isn’t generally known elsewhere. Either that or get the community team to bring back the “This Week in Eve” posts CCP Phantom used to do.


I wonder… If nothing comes out of this, most of these “issues” end up being completely ignored and nobody does anything about them, not even ask… Are you going to think they missed your post or will you consider the possibility that maybe it’s you who is missing/misunderstanding something here?

This is honestly way too in the weeds for CSM to bring up in a formal setting. You posting this here is more likely to get attention on it.

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