The Defense Network/FOBs

I order to counter these daring moves by the pirate factions, a new channel has been founded.
The Defense Network is up and running.

The Channel is
The Defense Network

Updated on 11/12/207, we’re starting to form some good numbers and we have uncovered many FOBs, however, fleets are going to be planned ahead of time from now on, check the channel motd for the schedule.

It has been hard to form fleets because the lack of rewards. Hopeful, we can find a good fleet doctrine to max isk with low numbers.

Updated 12/8/2017
With the arms race update, the FOBs received a massive buff! Before it was possible to not to trigger any rats to spawn by having no weapons in the high slots. However this was patched, and the FOB spawn rate was upped, which means it would be easier to run better isk per hour.

Updated 2/21/2018
With the February release, many reports of a nerf to the defense fleet have come in. This seems to be confirmed by zkill as a spike of FoB losses. However FoBs seem to mainly corp tasks. The special mods that chance drop do not seem to be living up to CCP hopes of their value. This most likely that many do you not use ecm and neuts on their citadels. Since CCP massively upped the spawn rate and locations, the Network has changed focus to just keeping a system SOS list for people being oppressed by roaming rats, also Nestor seem to be the meta of late. o7


joins channel

So will there be pirate faction mining in hisec now?

We will purge those bastards. (Joins channel)

I’ve been hoping for a channel like this (joins)

Bump for safety in high sec.

Bump for the safety of mining and auto-piloting through high sec.

They probably dont drop anything worth the trouble to kill them.

They do reinforce structures within the system and camp gates.

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Sorry, I cannot seem to find channel in game…:thinking:

Obviously, operator error on my part, but a little help,please.

sure one sec

what are you typing in?

Nvm, I just mail you in game the link.

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Thank you. Don’t know why I couldn’t do that before; should that have been already listed as a choice somewhere,though? Darn fangled hi tech thingamabob,well, in MY day we had black and white tvs…

I wouldn’t mind seeing A FOB left up to learn how far the npcs can escalate. For science of course


Joins channel :wink:

Sounds interesting, joining when I log in.

Joined the channel as well, this could be really interesting. It’s kinda sad to see that it’s quite small currently.

How many people you got? Could be interested in joining

Supposedly they drop faction Citidel Jam and Neut modules. Though I’ve yet to see one actually drop, if they do they are really rare drops.