The Defense Network/FOBs

Bump for High sec safety! These rats do pod!

they really do hurt… lol

joining channel when i get on tonight!

I think this is most advanced and by that extent hardest content in high sec i am unsure does reward for dealing with FOB reflect that.

Lost an loki granted it wasn’t tailor fit for FOB but they punched me in face thru two ACRs boosting on overheat 200km of base while still getting 1000+gj neuted from my ship per cycle before i exploded i counted 4-5 gilas 10 or so caracal,s tackle frigs and blackird or two and i think spawn waves weren’t finish either…what happens when you land 10 ppl with logis and boosts there…anyway excited about these but for starters these need to provide reward that will make pilots react out of pure greed first than any other reason otherwise you will not have your feature properly kick started.

What sort of ships are being used in channel-made fleets to deal with FOBs? Just wondering if this is something an alpha account can contribute to or if the required tank /dps needs Omega.

With the December update, alphas will surely be able to help out. Right now, I’m not sure.

About the only slot they can do right now is probably some cruiser sized Logi. They’ll be in better shape come the update however as they will finally get full access to T2 tank in addition to a couple larger hull sizes on top of the T2 small and medium weapon systems. T2 missiles especially should help them contribute.

For ships we tried using 3 remote rep Dominix. Unfortunately you cannot lock the pirates with safety on so we got blasted by Concord after an overly enthusiastic drone caused a friendly fire incident.

At present if you just use ships armed only with drones (VNI) kill the initial spawn they do not send out reinforcements - far too easy and just a boredom tank ATM.

@CCP - I hope the pirates will learn to counter this attack with the next patch.

I agree, all the FOB kills have been by people kiting around at 250 or finding a way to just to tank the defense fleet then going after the tower. Also with this update, they are upping the spawn rate. Which I sort of fleet like FOBs would be like treasure chest that are hard to crack but are worth it.

The defense fleet does not spawn if you use drone armed ships without turrets or launchers fitted.

We killed one with 2 VNIs to test out what I had heard and after killing the first batch of cruisers & frigates we attacked the FOB with impunity.

We have not attacked any since as it feels like an exploit

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What those FOBs do is they spawn pirate mining fleets and haulers, which I happened to like to farm. One week there were 3 adjacent systems with an FOB in each of them, that was nice. Got lots of Gurista Production Strong Boxes out of them.

One must be thinking that three adjacent systems is quite a lucky distribution…

Now theres a little highsec enclave in Lonetrek, past Aunenen. Rauntaka - FOB, Atai - 2x FOB, Jotenen - FOB, Otalieto - FOB, Aivoli - FOB, maybe more!

Now I gave out some intel I could very well use myself, even try and solo some of them in system with no belts, but what kind of distribution is that @CCP_Paradox ? Theres going to be even more of them spawning after tomorrows expansion. Thats funny, I think there will be systems wth 3-4 of them at the same time.

joining when I log

Bump and motd was updated.

Just logged out but I think there is one FOB near the star gate to Couster in Essence. I jumped into a sea of wrecks and the Guristas targeted my Velator. Barely warped out on time with 5-10% structure left.

It would be nice if experienced players can help clear them in high sec close to new player training sites. A lot of newbies lost their ships today.

Hi guys,

I find a FOB in Trer system…
I got the coords or scan the MSS-608 structure. It would be nice if someone blow down from the sky… I lost 2 ships already… :slight_smile:


@Quuelrin Please do not make reports here, this thread is only for news on the TDN or the FOBs themselves. Please mail me in game with reported location.

You guys are the real heroes.

Anyone have a time estimate on their reaction time to respond when they are around gates,belts, or stations? Anything about their reactions,habits, quirks would be appreciated. I am still trying to get a handle on their behavior. They attacked a Loki I had undocked with after several minutes of me loitering around waiting for a trade partner to show up and they were quickly dispatched; lost an Ishtar when I found a FOB someone must have just triggered and I was webbed,warp pinned, and drained in under 30 seconds as they warped the 200km to me. Die and learn, I guess.

If you are in game join the channel “The Defense Network” I have a master list of the FOBs that is being expanded upon, along with plenty of information on them that I am still compiling.