Faction warfare pilots can dock wherever they want?

I was on the fence about joining Faction Warfare because I thought I wouldn’t be able to dock at places like Jita or Amar but apparently that is not an issue? This makes no sense what so ever. I just saw today in Dodixie a pilot who was with the Caldari faction not only just flying around like its a stroll in the park but they were also allowed to dock.

Can someone explain to me why If I were to join faction warfare for the Gallente and be at WAR with the Caldari,I would still be allowed to dock in any Caldari or Amar station.

The warfare is restricted to the Amarr-Minmatar and Gallente-Caldari warzones, and docking restrictions do in fact apply to the systems in the warzones. If you are enlisted, you cannot dock in NPC stations in systems currently controlled by the opposing faction in the warzone (system ownership can change per FW mechanics). You also cannot tether at Upwell structures you have docking access to if that structure is in a warzone system currently controlled by the opposing faction.

Interestingly, the “navy corps” are not the militia corps, so you can continue to mission for them even if you are enlisted in an opposing militia (eg. Gallente militaman can mission for Caldari Navy)

This “limited warfare” is 100% in line with EVE Lore.

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