Corporation rights and permission for members

Greetings, gents!

I knew that system of rights and permission in a corporation is kinda odd and rust but today I can say something else: the system that we have gives you only 2 options: you trust something to everybody or you do not trust at all. |
There is no ‘middle’ option, like when you have some managers \ fleet commanders \ officers etc.
Now I’m gonna explain what I mean and what I want.

  1. POSes will be gone for good very soon, so we can skip this issue.
    We have corporation rights called ‘access division view / take / take container’. If I decide to give right to retrieve first division of my corporate hangar at pos, that actually means I’m giving rights to retrieve 1st division in every single pos’s hanger that my corporation owns.
    I’m not looking for solution because soon It will not bother us at all, let’s move on.

  2. BASEs assigned to members.
    2.1. Citadels can not be assigned as a base for members. If you trying to make citadels the only structures in eve to be deployed by players, then why do we still have such restrictions?
    2.2. Let’s imagine that CCP did citadels as BASEs to be assigned for members. I can assign more than 1 member to one base. That’s fine. Maybe I have 2 supervisors who are responsible for one inventory in one place. But why I can not assign 2,3,4 bases to 1 member? No, I do not want to assign to a member all bases that we have (imagine that my corporation owns 50 different offices / citadels / outposts). I do not want to give 1 person access to all bases that we have, but I want him to manage few.

  3. We need audit for all actions with corp-owned items. For example: station / outpost / citadel / POS - somebody took a ship from 1st division. Maybe stole, maybe just forgot to give it back and logged off while boarding a ship.

  4. Role ‘config starbase equipment’. If you give this right that means a person can set offline and unanchor all structures owned by a corporation. I have no idea what CCP can do but we need some solution. I can be the one to set all citadels around, but it does not work well when you have 100-200-500 active members around New Eden, right?

  5. Can we get alliance bookmarks? I know all corporate bookmarks are stored on the server. But we still need it. Seriously.

We need to rework all rights and permissions. It is too old for a looong time.
More flexible rights and roles, please.

First and foremost: From all hints, CCP plans on redoing as much of the corp/alliance system they can, but only after the POS system is gone/offline.

Second: Maybe we could look at the corp management skills and some other special skills becoming skills trained via the corp and not the player? Start a new corp, you have to train up the skills in the corps training queue to allow more members, and other special features. Skills could be like Corp Perks -

Corp Social Amarr Skill: +5% increase to standing increase when corp member gains standing - Cannot be trained if another racial Corp Social Skill has been trained. There would be a skill for each empire and faction.

Corp Industrial Skill A: Increases resource gathering in PI by *%… Cannot be trained if another corp industrial skill has been trained.

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Corp ‘progress’ or how we call in other games - clan / corp rank. I like the idea where players can actually give their’s contribution to a community. That brings ppl together, not only ‘stuff-bashing’.

Also, I do not think that it’s a good idea to limit such skills for factions. I can understand with ‘standings’, because nobody cares about it. But if you have to just ‘mining bonus’ or ‘PI bonus’ or even ‘manufacturing bonus’ - it will cause a lot of troubles - people will start spreading all alts around different corporations. And believe me, it is a pain in the ass to have more than 1 character in different corporations :slight_smile:

Bonuses should not be overpowered and/or useless. But it still should be sufficient so players will join bigger and better community instead of creating 1-member corporation to reduce tax while running missions.

They were just ideas. I think the number players/population of the corp should be a corp skill vs a player skill. Other perks would need to be discussed and figured out.

None of these skills like players would be locked if. A corp/alliance could change them out, as long as they don’t mind retraining the skills. Hence the limit on say a corp social skill or industrial based perk.