Better corp member management for CEOs/Directors

There’s a couple issues with how we have to deal with members & access in corps. Please correct me if I’ve missed something.

  1. There is no way of setting default permissions/access - this means, to give all members access to some hangars or similar, you have to create a Default Access/Member role that is then applied to all members. This is only a little annoying in itself, but coupled with #2, makes removing members (especially en masse) extremely tedious.
  2. We are unable to expel members who have roles - this is, by far, the most confusing to me. If we have a problematic member (i.e., spamming, being a dick, etc) we’re forced to deal with them for another 24 hours. The only somewhat reasonable argument I’ve heard is to prevent someone from kicking everyone out of the corp at once - which also seems odd to me in a game that allows (and even encourages) blatant scamming, espionage, and backstabbing. However, this could at least be given to CEOs, and not Directors

My corp accumulates inactive members, and we purge them every once in a while. Unfortunately… this means probably an hour or two of extremely tedious clicking to remove roles from all of them and then kick them (which of course takes another 24h)

It would be really great if this area of corporation management was given a bit of attention.

(I won’t be responding to things like: “Don’t bring in assholes”, “Purge more often”, or other such obvious “workarounds”. Yes, these exist, but it doesn’t mean the systems can’t or shouldn’t be improved.)


I haven’t spent a lot of time dealing with the corp management stuff, so I can’t really say how it should be improved. All I do know is that every time I try to do something with roles, hangar access, BPO access, or whatver, it feels unintuitive and/or clunky.

So, +1 to the idea that it should be improved, even if I don’t know what might be the best way to go about doing it.

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