Can't dock my alt's

Hi, i have found a corporation and anchored Athanor, i added my other pilots ( which are different corp ) so i can make some kind of my “home” in EvE but only the corp founder can dock, any ideas? it says its been denied and the structure is offline

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Assuming the structure is fully anchored, you must meet the following requirements to dock:

  • The structure must have a profile assigned to it in the structure browser.
  • The profile assigned to the structure must have an access list assigned to the ‘docking’ service.
  • The access list must explicitly permit the pilots you want to dock, or contain the ‘public’ special class.

Probably the defaults have an access list assigned to docking that includes only the anchoring corporation and you have not added your custom list to the assigned profile.

You can assign as many access lists to a service as you want, but you can only expand access that way. If a person is permitted to dock on any access list, they can dock, even if explicitly denied on other lists. A person will be assessed the lowest fees of all access lists on which he or she (or the public special class) appears.


thanks man that solved my problem!

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