Structure acces idea

Idea for structure access

To be able to rent docking space to player pilot similar to corps renting offices and applying to a corp system combined

If an application was approved by the station owner/corp/alliance they would be granted

Say a player wanted to doc at said player owned station when they try to doc they would be greeted with a window saying Apply to dock with options yes or no and tethered no repair if no is pushed window vanishes and and the pilot is untethered no docking

If yes is pushed opens an application to station services and then player could pick which tier of dock privilege they would like to purchases monthly if there application is approved

The station owner could then assign access to different tiers of access to each player or to a corp, corps would be under offices access putting the same tiered level with corps applying for offices

Tiered structure access example:
Say the owner has set 4 different levels of access

Tier 1: docking and buying off the in station market
Tier 2: docking and reprocessing
Tier 3: docking and full industry
Tier 4: full access
A monthly fee like offices could be set to different tiers and would act like a month bill to the player or the corp if not paid then would follow normal asset process of corps not paying the office fees but no access or docking only station owner setting would be given till the rental is renewed or a fee and items sent to nearest Npc station following the normal asset protection no access procedure

This would give player owned stations more control over acces to individual players/corps on more a social/political player/corp level and a possible stream of income or a more private club type access via a monthly fee would allow players to start private clubs yet letting players to still be part of there day job corp job but then go hang out at there local members only keepstar bar giving player owned station there own in station chat channel and a bulletin board accessible only in station would be nice to

Corps that apply would be given the same options when applying for offices at the station there office rental level would be corp wide unless a player purchased a higher personal level

say the corp only wanted to doc and use the market a bit but you wanted to be able to access the reprocessing or industry to, then the player could purchase on a monthly biases just like docking rights at a lesser rate or not station owner settings

Corps not paying there rental could be given oppositions set by the owner of the station same as players

sorry if this has been suggested before and it is a little long to

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