Access lists for blues and reds Howell structure

Is there a way to set access lists to allows all blues in and keep everyone else out?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m not sure there is an easier way to add people by their standing with you, but if you go to your:

  • Structure Browser
  • Select Profile
  • Profile Settings
  • Click the + on the bar labeled ‘Docking Access’
  • Select the Access List
  • Click Add Members

The window that pops up here has two tabs and you can sort by contacts. AFAIK you have to add people manually but at least you can see who you’ve got set blue.

Omg that is a lot of steps lol. Hope that answers your question and maybe there’s a better answer than this, I am fairly new to it myself.

Hey Thanks for the answer.

Last night we had a problem where reds were tethering and docking in station in null sec. Even though we haven’t given anyone but our corp access.

This obviously caused a lot of problems and I can quite figure it out.

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