Communications role in Corp, Split it into Coms and Bbookmarks Please

As it is now to give some one the ability to manage bookmarks for a corp means giving them the ability to send corp and alliance emails. these are two separate things. CEOs do not want people to have the ability to send mails and alliance leaders do not want lots of people sending alliance mails.

This means that very few people get the ability to manage corp book marks. This is unfair.

Please make a new role for managing bookmarks.

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You will have to wait for when/if Corporate roles get’s an overhaul.

I wouldn’t want to touch that!! OMG with all the existing data.

CCP has said, I think it was during a fanfest a few years ago, that they would like to take a look at the Corporation Roles but it is a low priority at the moment. So, it’s not so much a question of if as it’s when it will happen.

There may be a lot of data, however that does not necessarily make it difficult to migrate it to a new and better system.

This is CCP we’re talking about though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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