Anchoring upwell structres for individual capsuleers

Powerful individuals are big part of EVE community. I have tried to think how EVE game mechanism could support these people. Now I have idea how to improve stuff.

Give chance to anchor structures with capsuleer name attached to it. This would be additional anchoring option for corporation anchoring. If capsuleer belongs to NPC corporation and he/she has structures anchored then this individual could be war decced and he/she would be war eligible.

This would allow powerful individuals keep personal Upwell structures and they could change corporation or leave corporation if they want. There could also be delayed exit if corporation is at war and individual wants to leave.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

Powerful Impact… BOOOM… from the canon!

If you want to own a structure as a ‘Powerful Individual’ be prepared to defend you assets as such folks have done throughout history. Hire good mercenaries.

If they want to anchor a structure then they can make their own corp rather than be in an NPC corp.

Just leave the default name where you create a corp. “CHARACTER corporation” makes it pretty clear who owns the structure.

I mean there is nothing wrong with your idea, but it is just completely superfluous wasting dev time to code in something that will be only used by a handful and can’t be worked around by just make a corp with the character’s name in it. You can already easily advertise and attach your character’s name using the existing corp and structure tools.

So -1.

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