My Corps Structures are Trapped By Inactive players!

Dear fellow players,

About 2 months ago all of my corporation’s leadership excluding myself seemingly dropped off the face of the earth; they haven’t “been on in over a month” (as quoted in the membership list) and I haven’t seen them online at all for a good 3 or 4 months (they disappeared before coronavirus was noticed by most governments) even though I have tried numerous times to contact them with no response whatsoever. The one problem was our CEO forgot to give every account in our holding corp (One Ring Galactic Holdings) the ability to do anything with our structures and therefore now with the new mechanics coming for structures I’m starting to worry about a potential wardec to blow up our structures due to the fact that it’ll surely go into the abandoned structure state because I don’t have rights to fuel it up even though I personally bought the structures themselves. This is causing me anguish as I am helping run a corporation on my main toon and the structures would give us a tremendous boost to our current position. If anyone has any doubts about my integrity or any of what I have written above, I am more than happy to provide screenshots and Im hoping CCP can be even more awesome than they already are and unanchor the structures for me… If the CCP devs cant; I understand, it just seems like a waste of structures otherwise especially if they can be used to make an active corporation more successful and inviting to players.

Fly dank, make isk o7 and most Importantly stay safe

All hope isn’t lost yet and just because a structure goes into abandoned state, doesn’t automatically mean it is going to be attacked, especially on day 1-2 after the change.

So there is still 5 weeks before the state of the structures might become problematic, and then whatever time after that for someone to notice and decide to wardec the holding corp.

One thing though. There are groups (like my own for example), that scan structures across all regions and we include the name of the owner. So publishing the name of the holding Corp might not have been a great idea, because you’ve now provided intel on your predicament and those structures may be easy to locate (eg. I’ll go look at our tracking app now).

I wouldn’t be expecting CCP to help you here. The predicament is entirely player made, and should be player solved.

At the very least, it is a learning experience.

Some things you can do:

  1. Set up a Discord server that members can join. It provides a great way to keep in contact, even when not in game
  2. Move your own stuff out of any structure that will go into an abandoned state, and advise anyone else that you can, to do the same (without roles to be able to see how much fuel is left, that may be difficult to know when it will go into low power, but at least you’ll be able to add further advice to any notifications that the game sends to members)
  3. Send evemail to the leadership, just in case any of them use out of game apps and websites and occasionally check their evemail (this has a very low chance of success)
  4. If you have MOTD edit rights for Corp chat, put a notice in the MOTD. That way, if anyone with the right roles logs on while you are offline, they might still see comms about the issue

Ultimately, if it goes South, take it as a learning experience that will make you a better player in the future with this corp, or another.

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So I take it you try to get into those structures and are told “You cannot pass!”

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I am already q wars to start the minute this happens… now however I need to hunt down their structures.

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And to calm your anguish you broadcast your new “Loot Piñata” status… sshhhhh

There are no ‘learning experiences’ in Eve. It’s just a game, and a flat one at that.

If you don’t think it’s possible to learn the game then I can understand why you think the game is flat. That’ll always be a barrier to discovering the depth that EVE offers.

However, the OP came here looking for assistance and advice. Why even post if you have nothing to provide?

id ‘abandon’ that corp if there is no leadership and you dont have roles to do anything; maybe set up your own and buy structures yourself.

^ this ^

No leadership = no corp.


Evacuate what you can into another corp where you have access to stuffs.

If there is anything you can’t get out of the structures you may still be able to extract some wealth.

Be the corp that war decs the structures when they become abandoned. It’ll drop loot or at least salvage.


Because heresy must be highlighted for what it is.

Which means the only option for you is for that CEO to become active. It might be time to make it a corp goal to rebuild and learn from the shortcomings of the past.

The takeaway is, don’t buy and anchor structures for a corp that hasn’t given you access to manage them.

The solution is, reach out to everyone in your corp and see who can contact the corp leadership outside the game to get them to log in.

The takeaway from that is, don’t invest in a corp that nobody knows how to contact outside the game - because if they stop logging in, your corp is a dead duck anyway.


Yeah, I have to agree with your structures probably being “gone”. I would follow the ideas for contacting that were mentioned and do damage-control where still possible.

Next step would be to create your own corp and use this experience in avoiding pitfalls. Also tips for that in this thread :slight_smile:

Good luck and I hope things work out!

You made your bed.

Ah yes. The inevitable reality that every “…active corp, close knit, dudebros…” post in Recruitment comes to. Too many chiefs, not enough activity.

At the very least there should be time-triggered transfers of corporate authority. You are away for 30 days, you are now demoted to pleb. Next longest tenured ACTIVE player is offered the position. I know exactly what my friend here is experiencing. Helping build what is there, but not having the right to touch it because someone is too busy watching Summit play Valorant as it drops in views precipitously from 250k to 20k in a week…

Corps of anything less than 75 should merge. There should be a handful of massive corps in Highsec instead of an infinite amount of 25 man corps with 2 active players.

Time in game should be required to start a corp. And it should cost 5 Bill. You can create an account and start a corp for virtually nothing within your first 30 min, adding to the spam.

CCP needs to funnel players better.

The best and longest lasting times I’ve had in Eve were with active players in decent sized corps. When activity dies, which it ultimately will, the passion and fun dies with it. The daunting task of rolling the dice on another 2 dozen people is overwhelming, especially when it happens again and again and again.

come to think of it here is your solution:

REcruit active pilots, yourself, alts included.

Use the shares system to cause a vote for new ceo.

if it works send rekindle in game a tip.

Alternatively create a new corp wardecs the old and loot your own pinata.


If the old ceo was half intelligent he would have gave himself shares. The votes don’t work if no one else has the voting right.

A director can create new shares, then take them, then vote out old ceo.