Citadel Manufacturing Issues after Lifeblood

Hi guys,

Since patch release when trying to access and use alliance facility from multiple corps for building we are getting facility access denied. Corps can use any structures they own but if you are not in the corp you cannot use them even with lists in place to grant them. Tried removal and retry. Relogging. Cache etc it’s not been just myself in the local area however it doesn’t seem to be mentioned here so figured I’d poke you lot to see if it’s localized or wide spread. Can you lot check to see if you can still “build” things in other peoples structures you had access too previously!


Additional info: Supers/Titans still work. I have narrowed it down to only affecting capital class hulls freighters are unaffected. Also it’s affecting in corp and out of corp building.

Put in a bug report via the in-game F12 menu.

That was already done. It’s a confirmed defect from the bug report. Just checking to see if other people are having the same issue hence the question in the post above.

Same here with invention, any workaround/fix you are aware of by chance?

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