HowTo: Online citadel modules for free (BUG)

I’ve posted this as a bug to dev team ( EBR-216142: FUEL ABUSE) and it’s still not resolved.
Probably isn’t a bug, so I write it here.

How to online a module for free.

  1. Extract all fuel from citadel
  2. press on module to online it
  3. watch the game notification bug
  4. put fuel inside again
  5. close/open citadel fitting
  6. Enjoy onlined module for free

Be quick tho. If you do it in server calculation tick you might get modules offlined, but I haven’t experienced this.
From my knowledge this is long term behavior, since I heard about it months ago.
Any comment CCP?

(just a notice. it looks like server is not validating fuel that actually is inside fuel bay at onlining time, but how much fuel was there at tick time)

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