Raitaru fuel problem

(Ryan Eriker) #1

I’ve got a raitaru up in hisec that I’ve been using for manufacture. It’s private. Anyway, I dumped like 800 fuel blocks in it on Saturday, woke up this morning and everything was off and my indy jobs were paused. Am I calculating wrong or what’s up? At first I thought someone might have stolen from the fuel bay so I rechecked access. Only my alt Corp can access fuel bay… So idk.

(Ryan Eriker) #2

Btw all it has is the basic manufacture bay.

(Rivr Luzade) #3

Did you start up the service for the first time after a previous inactivity? If so, the activation costs ~3 days worth of fuel on top of the daily fuel consumption.

(Ryan Eriker) #4

Damnit. Ok that would do it.

(Ryan Eriker) #5

Thanks for letting me stop panicking tho.

(ISD Sakimura) #6

So the bare minimum of fuel is: 3days worth of fuel to online and 216/day = 4 x 216 = 864 Fuel Blocks. So your 800 blocks would only last about 16h 50min.

You learn something everyday :wink:

(Ryan Eriker) #7

Yea: Don’t let it power down.


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