[PROPOSAL] Remove Fuel Requirement for Reactions

So, why does it now cost 5 fuel blocks for a reaction, when the reactor already costs fuel to remain in service? Essentially people manufacturing boosters are being double-charged on fuel usage for reactors.

The fuel requirement for those reactions should be removed, as 99.9% of the time, the person running the reaction is also the one paying to fuel the thing, so why should they be penalized?

This is essentially making it harder for the smaller alliances.

Fuel consumption is significantly lower. How many reactions can you run out of a single structure?


Yes, however, with the reactor having to be fueled, I think it is a bit petty to require each reaction to have additional fuel cost.

Do the math. Figure out how much fuel it cost to do a reaction chain before using POSes. Then figure out how many POS worth of reactions you can run in one Refinery (I’ll wait while your calculator goes to infinite). A per reaction fuel cost is the only means to remotely come close to balancing out fuel consumption.


I like to think my drugs are made out of fuel.

I mean that wouldn’t be unheard of, gasoline is used in the process of making cocaine :slight_smile:

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I know i know! Its great. I think its perfect the way it is.

Essentially given resource availability was the same as pre-patch (we all know it is not right now) it is now cheaper to run reactions than before. A combination of massive market manipulation and the fact a fraction of the moons are being mined now compared to before is causing the problems we are seeing now. Suddenly going to active mining to replace a stable passive system was not a good idea. It will take more than a year to reach stability as stockpiles must be bled into the market before true prices will ever be reflected. I figure this will take some significant economic tweaks down the road. Yeah it puts more ships in space that fit under a super umbrella making the current meta even worse.

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