Reactions Question


I’ve been running T3 reactions for a few years now and the latest change has baffled me. The new formulas require fuel, I’d have guessed it meant fuel used from the fuel bay of the Tatara but apparently the fuel needs to be in my hangar? Just seems a little counter intuitive to me that you can’t select fuel to be used from the fuel bay. Don’t know whether i’m making a big deal out of something small but it just really irked me. It’s like reactions are being taxed on fuel twice, once to have the reactor online and once to actually run the damn reactions?

The fuel to run the reactor module is a pittance compared to how much fuel it took to run POS after POS running line after line of reactions. The refinery can run an infinite number of reactions. The fuel is an input material like the minerals or the thing being reacted. Pulling fuel from the structure doesn’t make sense as users of the refinery don’t have access to the fuel bay and would unfuel it if submitting large jobs (potentially).

So yes, there are two fuel costs. One to run the reactor and one per job. The per job is to balance the fuel use compared the number of POSes that have been decomissioned across New Eden and can now be consolidated into a few refinery structures.

Yeah that makes sense i guess, thanks for your insight :slight_smile:

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