Ship Fuel for Extra Performance

Before you have a knee-jerk reaction … Your ship will still function just as it does today, even if you don’t have any fuel.

Basic idea is, all ships get a fuel bay/tank. When there is fuel available, warps cost half cap. And, ABs and MWDs get a 5% boost in performance. When the tank is empty, the ship behaves just as they do now.

This fuel can be mined using normal gas harvesting mechanics mixed with some planet P0s. Maybe have different kinds of gas. Rare gases found in null being and having a greater performance boost, low end gases available in HighSec, mid range in LowSec.

Why do I propose this? Eve needs more consumables. This is one everyone, even newbs, can consume.

Oh, and to add - CCP don’t make it stupid expensive. It needs to be cheap enough for newbs to use.


Why does EVE need more consumables?

Consumables are a more constructive way to normalize prices in ISK terms than artificial faucets and sinks. The more time people are using to harvest things that are not ISK, means less ISK entering the economy.


This just turns into a must have item for most forms of content
So no.

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You must have a ship, you must have ammo. Get rid of them?

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Nice whataboutism and false equivalence.
Ammo serves a different purpose than a pure buff and the reload also serves to differentiate weapon systems.

Not really, but I’ll play along. Do you feel the same way about combat boosters?

Also, you mentioned “pure buff” … Faction ammo. Nothing there but pure buff.

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Yeah, I’m just going to quote yourself to counter your own attempts at an argument.
Without ammo weapons don’t function at all
Originally boosters all came with negative effects which served as a balance point to them, the newest boosters I don’t like because of high bonuses without negatives which does make them into must use items. We don’t need further stacking power creep going on.

Your basic argument was it would be a “must have”, so you didn’t like the idea. You must have a ship in Eve, you must have ammo. If you didn’t need them, few people would bother producing them. As for power creep, CCP nerfs and buffs things often enough on balancing passes that I’m not too concerned about it.

Any consumables need to be a must have or at least a “would be good to have”, if part of the goal were to stabilize ISK flows.

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Sorry, I don’t need something else to Build, Equip, Use, and Sell. The game is big enough and doesn’t Elite Dangerous have fuel usage in its game. EVE doesn’t copy other games, it’s the other way around.

You just hate the new industry changes, I’m sure. PI, Worm Holes, Abysals, etc.

Charge-loaded-burst-prop-mod might be one way to breathe life into the Brawl-meta.

But the prop mod has to be worse when not loaded with charges.

Do you have a source or evidence to back up this claim?

Yeah, it’s called Economics. Look up opportunity cost, marginal utility, and then we can begin your basic a priori education regarding monetary theory.

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The point is is there any evidence to suggest that this expense would hit the right targets rather than be a cost of living tax which negatively impacts the poorer people much harder than the richer people.
Given EVE is a game you can’t just toss out ‘It’s Economics’ and pretend that covers everything.

No -1

If you have to point your finger to an entire field of study and claim that it’s “evidence” for your outrageous claim, it means you have no idea what you’re talking about and trying to justify a shitty idea.

Thanks for making it obvious.

Ask a smart ass question and you get a smart ass answer.

The more things there are in the game, for players to produce and use, that are not generating ISK, then the less ISK there will be entering the economy. Opportunity cost.

If the rate of increase, of the monetary base (inflation) were to stop growing, then the ISK people hold would be worth more.

If you think you have some knowledge beyond these basic a priori statements, then by all means, feel free to enlighten us.

1 simple question: Why?

Why do we need a consumable that makes ships faster? We don’t need power creep. This would just turn into a new booster slot that makes you faster and makes warp cheaper on cap