An idea of cargo Hall and mass effects

What do you think if the cargo Mass would add to the ship mass , but in return balancing the existing ship Mass to counter the difference

For what purpose?

To be more realistic , if you keep your cargo hold lighter than your ship is lighter and more maneuverable ,
Micro managing your cargo hold to get the benefits of tight ship.

Fitting skills implants and drugs are already enough fiddling.

Good news, this is already how eve works. It’s just really subtle seeing as all items have no mass only volume.

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You don’t want EVE to be realistic. If it was, I could instantly vaporize any ship I want by slamming into it at 20 km/s…


Have you played Klingon academy back in 2000
We all used to fight on reverse :joy:

That would break combat pretty badly tbh imagine kiting ships with cap boosters now moving 50% of their original speed.

If they’re heavy they have to use different tactic since they have more power supply for defense

Eliminating pvp variety at the cost of realism removes more from the game than it adds.

What is the benefit other than “it’s more real”?
Can you use it in some way to gain a clever tactical advantage? You can’t increase another players mass ship by giving him something or projecting something on them.

It’s like playing age of empires and all your troops go on strike just before battle because its a good strategic time to get pay rises. It would just be super annoying for the player.

If you’re doing kiting with a microwave drive you have already lost a lot of agility the mass does not reduce speed

Yes but now loose even more, a compounded effect till the point where it’s crazy hard to turn.

Go put on a 50mn mwd onto a frigate and tell me how nice it is to turn like that lol…

I doubt it would be that huge amount of mass depends of the cargo size

Not sure would have to do the math.

you need to read the Lore authorized by CCP and written by Max Singularity, power supply is infinite with the PEG system.

Interesting so we as capsuleers are actually greater in tech than triglavians since they still harness energy from the sun? And not produce it infinitely.

TL;DR: I don’t understand how the mechanics work and I’m just vomiting out bad ideas.

Relevant from the description of any armor plate: Penalty: Adds to your ship’s mass, making it less agile and maneuverable in addition to decreasing the factor of thrust gained from speed modules like Afterburners and MicroWarpdrives.

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