On the compression of ice/ore/gas

When material is compressed it takes up less space, but it does not lose mass. Hauling compressed material is like hauling 10 times the amount of mass due to the fact that compression is 1/10. Shouldn’t hauling all that compressed material add an equivalent amount of mass to a ship?

Not necessarily, its a game.


No ship mass in EVE is ever increased by cargo, whether it is uncompressed ore, compressed ore, modules or higgs rigs in cargo.

While I don’t think it is a bad idea to increase ship mass by their cargo mass, it would be quite a big change to the game.

It would be an interesting change too: full haulers would be much slower than empty haulers. An Orca full of ore would take longer to align than an empty one.

I just think it would require a lot of work to redesign ship agility and item mass with cargo mass affecting ship agility in mind.


That would be an interesting aspect to the game that is almost certainly never going to happen, because of the overhaul it would require to every ship in the game. Technically, yes, a Venture with 5,000 m³ of Veldspar (as an example) should have an increased mass of 2e8 kilos, or 220,462.262 tons.

I’m no scientist, but perhaps the cargo holds of ships in New Eden employ a technology that somehow suspends cargo in a state of zero gravity and away from any kind of ship surface. That likely has some logical flaws, but again, I’m no scientist.

Just as our ships achieve warp speeds with continual ease, our cargo does not influence the mass of our ships. It would be nice for the sake of lore if there was an explanation–maybe there is one–but it’s one of those things we can turn a blind eye to and enjoy the game.

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The least radical currently proposed method of warp travel involves manipulation of the fabric of space-time. Anyone with sufficiently advanced technology to do that can probably also easily create artificial gravity and anti-gravity.

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Perhaps a ships warp drive converts the ships matter into energy, or even light itself, in order to achieve warp speed? Or, as is suggested below, the warp drive could fold or shrink the space in front of the ship?

I don’t think it would be a “huge” overhaul to ship mechanics to make cargo affect the inertial modifier statistic, seeing as how different mods fitted to a ship do increase its mass and align times (rolling wormholes).

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Something something Planck bubble generators; perhaps all ships are equipped with one for storage reasons.

That’s what i’ve always thought. Like the cargo is hooked up to springs in the cargo hold! :grin:

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