Ammo compression

Yes. No explanation needed. Just waiting for [Lugh Crow-Slave] to comment.

Maybe could also add plutonium as a new mineable resource and related compression mechanic to the mix as an option aboard some mining ships with a related surprise at the end of the compression cycle. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I like where you’re coming from but I have a better idea. Ammo and other charges can be bulky to move in large amounts. Why don’t we add a ship with a dedicated cargo bay for charges rather than adding a bunch of steps to compress and uncompress.


Did you get tired after your 72 hr hole control so now you are trolling the forums or

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I like where you are coming from. I have a link for you to get 1mill skill point when playing eve.

Perhaps you can be asked to remove ore compression because we have a ship called the Miasmos. That ship stores ore.
You see this is funny because you gave an excuse for some thing not to exist because their is a ship for it. lol. Very humourous what? Stop trolling yourself.

I feel like this is the most weirdly worded post I’ve ever read.


let me introduce you to my friend @lilsteel
It is said unlocking the meaning behind this post will lead to enlightenment

you’re going to have to explain how you think these are both apples.

context: Crow thinks you should not have something because a ship exists for it.

Not even close.

The quantities required and volume needed between ammo and raw ore is vastly different.

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I see you edited your post to remove the comment about not having ammo compression because a ship exist for it.

Well played.

I hear we may get ore compression in ships.

What? Critical mass? Not a problem really if the hold is lined with lead.

Lol wtf, you’re pathetic.

Still there, still completely unedited. You can’t even keep a thread strait no wonder you can’t comprehend the difference between ore and ammo.

Ad hominem attack. Wow, that means I win.

You edited the post. You removed that there should not be ammo compression because a ship exists. lol.

And I said then that ore compression should not exist for the same reason.

And stop logging in your alts to comment.

Again… it’s still there nothing has been removed, I even requoted it for you. Only post in here with an edit it the one where I added and responded to you in addition to the photo I referenced.

What post are you claiming I edited?

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This. My poor Hoarder has too little reason to exist already.

Alt of Crow

I still like His idea better, just add a ship that’s dedicated for carrying ammo.

Ammo compression … Great idea got my industrial genius working on it just now

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Sarcasm tag (Yes.

This is why we don’t have ore compression.

We have many ships dedicated to moving ore.

In fact the rorq was so good at moving ore with drones, it got nerfed.

Thanks for your wisdom.

I would like to sell you a timeshare.

In game me for idk doubling.

) end sarcasm tag

Wtf ammo compression? Can you compress a cruise missile? Or a bullet? :facepalm: