One Fuel block to fuel them all

With the removal of the POS system, why not merge the fuel blocks into one type. Just curious, Pros/cons

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Optional components where you need one of them isn’t something the system current supports, as far as I’m aware.

so that’s a problem with the isotopes.

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They setup the citadels to use all block types. Is there still something that requires specific types?

Jump drives and doomsdays

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ok…two things I’ve not yet messed with.

One never knows with CCPs codebase, but in theory the outcome of the BPOs could be changed to deliver a new omni fuel block.

I make my own fuel blocks and there can be considerable variation in the price of different isotopes. The structure doesn’t care what kind of fuel I feed it so I buy whatever isotopes are cheapest (usually hydrogen)



Beat me to it…

Reactions would need to be changed for this “Omni Block” as well. The BPO’s for each of the fuel blocks could be merged to allow the input of any isotope, but there’s a bit of legwork needing to be done for this.

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I would think this would defeat the purpose of Eve’s market set up. Omni fuel block? What’s next one set of ship skills to have them all? The complication of these components and there application is a big part of what makes Eve, Eve.

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some reactions require specific types.

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I feel wrapping it all in one would hurt the value of a lot of space.
It would be like if they allowed any loyalty points to be used for all empires.
Would break the balance of faction warfare that is currently, “the harder it is to get, the more it is worth”

in theory I agree with you, and i’ve had the same thought myself while doing fuel runs. however doing that would bring us one step closer to not needing racial isotopes at all, which would be a huge hit to inter-region trade.
from experience, I end up importing a LOT of racial ice, and would love it if I could just use local ice blocks for everything, but I also recognize that by doing so hundreds of millions of isk per month (just from myself) would no longer be going to the market. multiply that by a couple hundred other people who do the kinda importing that I do, and your talking about tens if not hundreds of billions of isk no longer being circulated as widely.


I honestly am OK with the shift of space, means my area will probably be less occupied by Ice Miners :slight_smile:

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