Allow Rorqual to burn all fuel isotopes?

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but is there any good reason that the Rorqual should be tied to oxygen isotopes? Every other jump-capable ship class in the game provides a racial option that can use locally-sourced fuel. Since there’s only one capital mining ship, why not enable it to burn all fuel types so that players in regions that have non-oxy ices can run their ships without importing fuel?

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Hundreds of times… The search function is your friend.

ORE is a corporation of Gallente origin. Gallente use oxygen isotopes as fuel. Hence ORE does too.

The Outer Ring (ORE home) region is full of oxygen isotopes ice.

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I’m not an RPer, so lore nonsense means little to me. Are there any ~practical~ reasons this isn’t a good idea?

because the market is balanced around certain ships using certain isotopes

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