Rorqual Fuels

Why is the Rorqual jump fuel race specific?

Because all the others are also race specific and all of the Ore mining ships are listed as gallente so its well in line with all of the rest.

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Why don’t you put diesel in your gas engine, or gas in your diesel engine?

As was said, ORE are generally gallente; but even if they weren’t, an “omnifuel” engine would be disappointingly shallow.

That said… assuming (and I know that it isn’t ever going to happen for technical reasons) players could customize their ship capabilities, the ability to build a capital with a specific jump drive rather than their racial jump drive would be great. Building a rorqual, the BP would just require a “jump drive”, which you’d build based on a jump drive BP, of which you could build any race you wanted.

Why is any ship race-specific? Why cant i use tritanium to fuel my jump drives?

Because thats how the game is designed.

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Its not technical reasons that prevent this, its so they can force a need for each type of ice, otherwise you would get people just building all their capitals to use the ice they have locally which means there would be no requirement for them to try to import fuel of a different race, gotta keep that demand up :stuck_out_tongue:

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It seems arbitrary for Rorquals to require Gallente fuel when they aren’t proper gallente military. And, how is the making the rorqual (the most popular mining ship) gallente specific balanced against other fuels? If anything, it would seem to disproportionately tax the most popular pvp based fuel.

Because thats just how it is, ORE ships have always been “gallente” just look at the types of wrecks they spawn, there ar eonly 4 racial fuels so every jump drive equipped ship needs to belong to one of them, ORE were assigned to be gallente hulls long ago before the rorq even existed so they just inherited it, the marshal is assigned the amarr fuel, if we ever see an SoE capital that will likely also use gallente fuel given they were assigned gallente wrecks, thats just the way it goes

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Might be because of a lore POV ? ORE was an excavation corporation in the Gallente Federation when space mining required massive drills, like the ones you can see as damaged and antic versions for the scenery. Also, since ORE is based in the Outer Ring region, it’s normal they use Gallente components, since they are the closest, thus reducing shipping costs.

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The same way the sansha supercarrier, the only faction supercarrier that used to exist, was amarr specific in fuel.

It’s because the Corp or faction it belonged to, belongs to an empire faction or is an offshoot of it.

And yet no one complained that the revenant didn’t use gallente fuel.

Only with people who use rorquals, because they want to be as lazy in making their isk as possible, as if a fleet of near-afk mining isn’t already lazy, want the rorqual to use omnifuel? Seriously?

You might as well ask why jump drives can’t be fueled by tritanium, which I alluded to before. Yes, if the dev’s wanted to, they could make rorquals run on tritanium. But it would violate the lore.

Yes but WHHYYYY is the sky dark at night???

And that is a really, really good question.
(Because the Universe is not infinite and uniform)

Or just have a jump drive subsystem. The ui can support it.

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Yeah, but the Sansha ship uses Amarr skills. There’s a tangential relation to the Amarrian.

Also, the faction supers are more spread out, so the point is moot.

But you can put diesel, or bacon grease, or french fry oil, or… into a diesel engine and still run it.

You mean… Like how all these racial fuels used to be important b/c of the racial POS towers. But now the Citadels use “omnifuel” b/c they can accept any flavor.

They use Caldari skills too. Did you ever take a look at the description?

So why dont they allow Caldari fuel too? Why has no one complained about this, ever?

And Ore was an offshoot of Gallente empire, so your point is moot.

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And when Upwell Consortium does a takeover of ORE, maybe rorquals will use omni-fuel too.

For the faction caps that would be an interesting change up to allow either type of fuel but I think mostly unnecessary to implement. Interesting idea.

I don’t know about a Rorq takeover, but I really hate that ORE is responsible for the Bowhead. That totally should have been an Interbus ship or something. The only thing the Bowhead has in common with ORE is that a lot of people use the Orca for subcap ship transport. But that doesn’t mean ORE should be responsible for making THE ship transport freighter.

Did the interbus corp have ANY ships to their line?

They’ve got a Shuttle! =)
And they should have a lot more, if you follow the lore. Like their own BRs and DSTs. And the Bowhead could have capped it off.