Rorqual Fuel Requiements

Ok cant find any specific topic on this so will ask.

I understand the different isotopes that are required by each race specific Jump Freighter, or Capital Ship, Why does the Rorqual HAVE to have Oxygen Isotopes, as it is a capital Industrial Ship and is not related to any specific race would it not be more prudent for this Game Specific Capital Ship to be able to use any type of Isotope for fuel, same reasoning behind the Moon Platforms?


I think it is a lore thing with ORE originating as a Gallante corporation oh so long ago.

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Amen Brother! I like the way you think! I happen to agree.

Unfortunately they decided to make sorta kind pirate factions like Society of Conscious Thought [SOCT] and Concord and ORE that unlike ALL other pirate factions are based on none, or one or 4 factions vs 2.

Outer Ring Excavations is Based on Gallente Tech. Outer ring is in the Gallente Quadrant of the New Eden. That seems to be the basis for the O2 ISO fuel.

That being said, nothing stops CCP from making only the tiniest Corporate Lore change to effect usage of any fuel. Something to the effect of…

ORE has improved the Rorqual for deep space unlimited endurance mineral exploration by modifying its Jump Drive to Concord standards allowing it to consume any isotope fuel.

They have in effect laid the foundation for this while making a mis-step in the process. The Marshal is a Concord Black-Ops Battleship requiring all four faction battleship skills, offers bonuses to all four factions yet runs on Helium isotopes when it really should run on ANY isotopes. If this error were rectified, then a Lore basis to change the Rorqual would exist.

While were fixing ORE ships, lets get rid of or change the Bowhead, please! Its the only ORE ship that does NOT haul ore. It should really be a Jump capable resource hauler. for Ore, Minerals or Gas. Each Faction should have a sub-freighter class that is a dedicated assembled ship hauler. IMHO

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Well, nothing except the time and resources to make said change. :woman_shrugging:

–Obvious Gadget

Are you being serious or is this post 9-11 humour?

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Hands off my Bowhead. It is working as intended.

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