Rorqual Industrial Jump Portal Generation: Yes/No/Maybe?


as a small corporation we need a goal and in order to carry out proper mining operations in 0.0 a Rorqual would be interesting for us in the long term.

As a returning player I am used to the fact that the role bonus for ships states what they can and cannot do. As I am still busy reading the patch notes of the last 15 years, I noticed the Industrial Jump Portal Generator which states: Can only be fitted to the Rorqual.

For a Titan this is stated in the role bonus: Can fit Jump Portal Generator.

For a Black Ops this is stated in the role bonus: Can fit Covert Jump Portal Generator.

The Rorqual role bonus does not say anything about an Industrial Jump Portal Generator, so can the Rorqual bridge ships or not, maybe only sometimes?

That would be interesting for us as a small corporation to know, as we would like to fly from Empirespace to mine in 0.0 in the future.

Conduit Jumps
A Black Ops Battleship or a Rorqual can instead conduit jump to their respective cyno. This both jumps them and to 30 eligible ships in a 10 km radius to the cyno. Unlike bridging, conduit jumping costs a flat amount of fuel no matter the size or mass of the affected ships, at a base value of 1000 isotopes, making conduit jumping a more efficient way of moving a smaller fleet around. A Rorqual can only conduit jump if its Industrial Core is disabled.

The Jump Portal Generator can only be fitted on a Titan, the Covert version only to a Black Ops Battleship, and the Industrial version to the Rorqual. They are high-slot passive modules which enable the bridge function of the ship. The module will visibly activate and cycle while the bridge is active, but cannot be manually activated.

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Thanks, now I understand. :slight_smile:

Here’s the most recent cyno graph, including the recently added Carrier buffs:

Source: Reddit - Dive into anything
(I hope there will be a more nicely edited version soon, but for now this one is pretty clear :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Rorqual as you can see can jump to industrial and regular cynos. It can also Conduit Jump to take along or create a bridge for industrial ships only.