Tech 3 Industrial, a second subsystem ship

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For industrial minded players the Rorqual or the jump freighter is the pinnacle of ships, and while both good, I thought maybe there was some room for a highly customizable industrial ship utilizing the tech 3 cruiser subsystem model for an alternative higher end playstyle. I tried to cover as much of the professions in the game as I could. The names are more descriptive than the flair usually associated with subsystem names, so they will need to be changed. I also haven’t included the full slot layouts of the subsystems.

Ore Strategic Industrial
50,000 m3 fleet hangar
90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue
10% bonus to fleet hangar capacity (per skill level)
95% reduction in Scan Probe Launcher CPU requirements

Industrial Subsystems (replacement for offensive)

  1. The Porpoise
    50m3 drone bay
    2% bonus to Mining Foreman Burst effect strength and duration
    10% bonus to Drone hitpoints, damage and ore mining yield
    50% bonus to Drone ore mining yield
  2. The Expedition
    5% reduction in Gas Cloud Harvesting duration (per level)
    5% bonus to Mining yield (per level)
  3. The Black Ops
    Can fit Covert Jump Portal Generator
    25% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices (per level)

Defensive Subsystems

  1. The Blockade Runner
    Can fit covert ops cloak, covert cyno
    10% warp speed (per level)
  2. The Deep Space Transports
    3+ bonus to ship warp core strength
    Can fit medium micro jump drive
    5% warp speed (per level)
    1 second reduction in micro jump drive spool up time (per level)
  3. The Freighter
    10% hull hp (per level)
    +3 additional low slots

Propulsion Subsystems

  1. Interdiction Nullifier
    Immunity to non-targeted interdiction
    5% agility (per level)
  2. The Jump Drive
    10% reduction in jump fuel requirement (per level)
    Add 10 lightyears jump drive
  3. The Warp Drive
    10% agility (per level)
    50% warp speed bonus

Core Subsytems

  1. The Covert Ops
    10% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength (per level)
    10+ bonus to Relic and Data Analyzer virus strength
  2. The Noctis
    5% reduction in Salvager duration (per level)
    10% increased chance of salvage retrieval (per level)
  3. The Active Tank
    5% bonus to capacitor recharge time (per level)
    3% bonus to energy warfare resistance (per level)
    20% bonus to ship power output

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #3

I have no doubt this could function but why? Are you trying to make this the dominant ship for sub capital harvesting operations, or an all rounder with some drawbacks like the original goal for T3 ships?

(Benevolant George) #4

dont understand what purpose this serves, other than to make having each of the current ship classes redundant.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #5

it’s a troll guys

(Aleverette) #6

Da faq?

Such redundant

(Linus Gorp) #7

New stuff for the sake of new stuff.

(Lukett MyDabb) #8

idk, pretty elaborate for a troll. i’ll give him the +1 for effort.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #9

not really it blatantly obviouse

(system) #10

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