Rorqual Fuels

Oh yeah i agree. They need a Clone bay transport ship, like a real bus. Or maybe a small, frigate sized ship that just holds a bunch of shuttles inside that can be launched out so that others can board and use them.

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Maybe there’s a difference between Jump Fuel and Fuel Block ? That’s why the Thukker tribe developped the fuel blocks, because tracking multiple fuel type was an hassle.

Also, it’s quite logical that Upwell structures can munch up any kind of fuel, where a Rorqual cannot. Rorqual is the size of a small city, with pretty much all of its internal space dedicated for compressing facilities.
An Astrahus is already way bigger than any Rorqual, with plenty of free space for specialization with rigs and service modules. The power core could easily be made to accept any kind of fuel block.

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