Mineral blocks

Make the capital repair modules require mineral blocks as fuel, in similar fashion to fuel blocks. So there is a cost to running the big ships instead of just the fuel needed for jumps. In real life ships do need regular maintenance, so there should be a regular fuel like tick on the mineral blocks. While the ship would continue to work without them, the ship would degrade, its HP slowly reduce.

While the shield based ships could rely on their shields to take the damage, eventually even they would have hull and armor made of tinfoil. So even though you can produce a massive fleet of capitals, it would demand keeping up the effort to keep them running. You could mothball capitals, but to get them back into flying order, you would have to essentially rebuild them.

I think 10% of ehp a month would be a sufficient pace for this, that would begin as soon as the fuel bay is out of mineral blocks. This would mean in 9 months the capital ship would be as good as a glass cannon, but the ship would never degrade to all the way to dust. Lore explanation could be that the emergency structural integrity fields would keep it intact enough, but after that 9 months you would need to provide 90% of the minerals in their block form required to build the ship, to get it back to 100.

Also these mineral blocks would drop when the ship is killed, so in a fleet you could risk bringing glass cannons into the field, in the hopes of scoring enough mineral blocks to get your ship to full power.

What this would do, is that it would force major alliances to decide the usage of their resources more effectively, no longer could they just build massive fleets of titans to sit idle in some keepstar, in case they are needed. As they would need to constantly feed them minerals to keep them operational, alliances would have to make strategic decisions on what fleets they have capacity to keep operational. You could have your 100 titans, if you have the capacity to feed them the minerals they need to be functional, or let them become glass cannons that would die essentially as soon as they get bumped.

One block would not just be X units of trit but a mix of all the minerals and couple more exotic things in EVE, just like the fuel blocks are mix of PI and ice materials. I don’t really see a need for multiple kinds of mineral blocks, one kind of a block would be sufficient.

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Nah, this wouldn’t work. Large alliances would just stockpile those “mineral blocks” together with their titans and feed them back up to 100% when they’re finally needed.

I have a better ideas: Delete titans and supers. Done.

Don’t be fooled. OP has proposed a really terrible idea to try and cover up the fact that what he’s actually seeking is a way to compress minerals as a response against the recent mineral distribution changes that CCP has announced.

Never said anything about compression, I would have no issues with the blocks having 0 compression. the point of this is not in the minerals, but in curbing the proliferation of the capitals and titans. By introducing a cost for them being operational. Just like modern ships need regular maintenance to remain operational.

Also I have no trouble with the big alliances stockpiling the materials to make the titans operational again, as long as there is a delay based on the state of decline and the size of the ship. One cant expect 90% of titan’s ehp to be recovered instanly, when building one takes ages to begin with. So it should take a week or few to fully recover a titan, even if you had all the materials standing by. But a carrier at 10% would be ready to go relatively quickly.

The best way to limit proliferation of capital ships is the way CCP is doing it - make the raw materials required to build them harder to get and more expensive. The fleets exist because the minerals needed to build them could be harvested locally in infinite quantity. It will be a lot harder to replace them going forward.

Always been a proponent of some sort of capital ship maintenance, particularly for super caps,

It’s about eight years too late… current “solution” mostly just ensures those with iron mountains retain their iron mountains, while those that don’t have them have a harder time getting them. Locking in the huge inequalities doesn’t do much to help the game.

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