Seperate servers for PVP and PVE

So CCP have been around a very long time now, and have been asked many things. As there are 3 servers, as a kind of social experiment to see what happens, why not turn over one server soley for PVE. Keep all things the same except players cant blow each other up only NPC’s can blow players up, from 1.0 space with limited contact and limited reward to null space with extremely high risk with at least kinda high reward, this way players could get a feel for playing eve to set up mining corps boat building corps trading corps as groups or individuals, this way also PVP players get a server also to themselves so they can continue to beat the proverbial out of each other for their wierd sense of fun, and people who just like to motor along doing PVE at their own pace can do it in their own fun way, and they can then choose to start again on the PVP server also if they want… surely this would make everyone happy, and CCP could then find out once and for all how many more accounts they might acquire and and how much more money.


The other servers are not setup for the volume to which TQ is subjected. They can’t handle it.

A PVE only Eve would suck … I’m sorry. Love to carebear as much as anyone but it’s the risks and the chase that makes this a game worth playing.

In that case you would stay on tranquility no problem


I’m sure CCP if it wanted to could make any of their servers cope-able, also it suggests you may think many would play on the new server then

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You need a new game friend

You can already go play on SiSi.

Only a couple of systems allow non-consensual PVP and you can find plenty of space to PVE in peace.

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I wouldn’t be disingenuous to suggest to you whether you would need a new game or not… we all have opinions none of which are more or less valid than others. my suggestion does not take away OR change anything to or from your gaming experience in EVE at all


Well I didn’t mean anything by it, I guess I don’t wanna get into the argument about what Eve is supposed to be or not (the whole sandbox debacle)

I respect your opinion but I think a split shard/server would alienate this fanbase even further that’s just my opinion.

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my whole point is to increase the EVE fan base, by allowing people CHOICE… surely that’s a democratic choice tranquillity remains as is no change, nothing… people who love tranquility as it is would be totally unaffected by it…

Will the OP be supportive of an additional server where all ships are invulnerable? (Can’t be destroyed by players or NPC) That would allow people to play in a 100% risk free environment.

I never mentioned anything about NPC’s not being able to destroy player ships, just like on TQ now, npc ships have various levels and amounts players have to deal with, if im doing an Arc mission solo trying to cope with up to 20 ships is no fast easy task… there are many ways to deal with these issues… nothing here is rocket science (no pun intended)

But what if I want to be safe from NPC?

If you want a server with no PvP? Can I ask for a server with 100% invulnerable ships? Just like you suggested, the players can choose what server to play in.

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You’re not really making the point that you think you’re making. In a game where there is no possibility of losing one’s ship, there’s no reason to play.

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I dont know if your just being cynical on purpose or not, but it seems to me your missing the point, why would anyone want to play a game of invunerability. its a question of how you play that game, I started playing games when Wolfenstein was 1st released, all those other fp shooters followed through to Halo and beyond… all these games are pve games. I dont hear anyone slagging off these pve games… in fact quite the opposite… it seems to me that you are thinking of an either /or scenario for EVE, I’m not I’m suggesting 2 options… for would be subscribers… for those who prefer the PVE route, and those that after a time they may want to subscribe to the TQ server. TQ stays as it is so those who want the sever PVP keep it so.

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if you read the post you would have read this…

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Part of the magic of Eve, is that we all play on 1 single server. If I go to Eve Vegas or even on these forums, the stuff that goes on in our shared universe affects all of us, and we can all relate to it.

If we start splitting eve into separate servers based on individual play styles, we loose a lot of the magic that makes this game great. If you want to play a game that has the server separation you seek, why not play a different game? There are plenty to choose from. Why should we change the thing that makes Eve unique?

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also I don’t play EVE “to lose” any of my ships … and Ive lost a loads… thats not my point, but yes there is a point to playing in invunerable ships if that’s what some one wants… its about game play, no one is takeing oyur game play away from you OR even belittleing it, just because you dont wish anything, it dsoesnt mean some one else is wrong to wish for something different… you may disagree with the notion of it and that is fine…

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And, for someone who doesn’t care for PvP, they can actually stay in high sec and be 99% safe. It looks like that PvP separation is already built into the game.

ok what difference will another server make to your game play and your experiance of eve.