PVE focused Server

There are many who have played the game and have ended up leaving due to it losing all enjoyment. Some of the main things that run these players off are the steep learning curve, snide remarks from current players and the most often the complete desolation of ships and currency.

There are a lot of people who love the beauty of the game and the many career paths. we would love to see a server brought up for those that wish to have a more PVE experience, it doesn’t have to be all that different from the current game.

Maybe add more spawn rate for pirates in low and null sec space.

Put the ridiculously over powered spawns in high sec into low sec

have it set so that PVP is only in conflict zones and maybe rotating null sec zones.

I have heard it a lot of how people would love to play the game and explore but the PVP players are out of control and even hit new players in High sec. I know it has happened to me a lot. This has lead to many leaving the game entirely. Many of use just want to enjoy the beauty of the game, yeah dealing with powerful sites and npcs are part of the game. But just about anyone can figure out how to play around them, they can not play around powerful players that feel the need to purge the systems of new people and those who have a different focus then them.

I just feel after reading many of the Forums and hearing from people that it should be mentioned again, and again. It is an awesome game only wish I could actually enjoy playing it.

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We already have one. It’s called Serenity.


Why do people play MMO sandboxes and then ask for an experience they can already get in SP games such as X4?

It is an awesome game

Apparently not…



If you want PvE, play on Serenity or stay in Highsec. If you still get ganked in highsec, stop afking the game since you obviously aren’t even enjoying it enough to pay attention to the screen, causing you to get ganked.


High sec is the PVE area you’re asking for. Just make sure you stick to the following rules:

  • Don’t AFK
  • Don’t carry too much value

Honestly, a pure PVE server for a PVP game like EVE is impossible. How do you imagine the market and industry would work if ships and modules do not leave the game through pretty explosions?


FFS this is like the 100th thread to suggest this and it adds nothing to the conversation, despite said conversation not needing to be had in the first place.


The unique factor of this game is being single shard. That should not change


my guess would be like any other PVE based game in history. there are plenty of ways to make such a thing work.

Is there? Because I’ve never heard of PvE game, or any game for that matter with such an intricate player-driven economy. Most PvE MMOs maybe have a useful AH to exchange rare drops or whatever, but not a full-fledged economy run by the players. Not even a rudimentary one.

Sure, the PvE would run just fine, but not the market. If you want to do the PvE in safety, go to the test server as has been suggested.


A PVE economy is easily abused by figuring out the most efficient strategy to make money, then repeat that until you’re rich enough to buy everything. That’s how PVE games end up for me.

In EVE you have competition of other players that determines the prices of items. This competition makes the economy real. You can’t have enough developers to create such an economy for a PVE game, or if you did, you wouldn’t have enough time to create the rest of the game.

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All we need is easily accessible pve content in (not exclusively) high security areas, new missions with enhanced AI. As long as high sec puppies live and have fun, the nullbears can have their lifestyle. If we puppies simply go away into offline mode, we neither have the butt tickling that comes with being cargo scanned in Uedama and the Bittervets have no one to show their kicka** ships and whatever. I want both sides of the coin to be healthy :slight_smile:

But going away from the single shard element is not desirable, its the reason I got into the game right.

Pop an abyssal filament and you’ve got your easily* accessible pve content anywhere you want.

*easily being selectable out of 5 different tiers of how easy you want it to be.

The game already offers an absurd amount of varied PvE experiences - missions, mining, industry, exploration, hauling, abyssal deadspace, PI, incursions, trig invasions, and a wide variety of each of those depending on the area of the space you’re in or the difficulty level that you choose.

Given that this was always designed to be a PvP game first, the fact that you have so much PvE to choose from is pretty solid. If you’re bored with what you’re doing, try something new. It’s unlikely you’ve tried everything.

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This can not,
should not,
and shall not ever be an argument.

What it is, though, is a sign that the person in question can not actually deal with people outside of a community where everyone’s bubbled wrapped and no one’s allowed to truly express his feelings. When no one around ever even uses “snide remarks”, then the problem aren’t those who do it.

It’s those who aren’t used to it,
demanding that everyone changes for them,
simply because they refuse to acknowledge that it’s a problem on their side.


The reason for this is simply because a society, which believes that we shouldn’t be allowed to express ourselves according to our feelings, is a society which ends with people hating each other, being constantly suspicious of each other, snitching on each other.

It ends in a society where freedom of expression can not be a thing, because literally everything can potentially be impacting someone emotionally, which would force people to switch to an emotionally dead language where people are not allowed to express their honest feelings, causing more psychological damage than the words ever could.

Emotional maturity is important.
Those who don’t have it need to gain it.
You gain it by being exposed to things you don’t like,
because that teaches you that it doesn’t really ■■■■■■■ matter.

In before someone abusing an exaggerating example as argument,
exposing his lack of emotional maturity.

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Serious Question:

Why would you classify PI as PvE ?

I don’t know what it is (besides maybe the beginnings of a mini-RTS),
but it doesn’t resemble any form of PvE I’ve ever seen in any other game.

There’s no monsters to kill, no quest to solve, no delivery to be made, etc.

Wondering about this … and if you just added it without really considering it.

The following two contradict each other:

I generally consider anything that doesn’t include a component of competing against another person to be PvE.


Then you’re going to struggle to find your definition of PvE in this game!

Sounds like the current null sov mechanics…