Ideas and Suggestions on EVE World (Tranquility and Dawn)

1. Tranquility and dawn can be set up as two parallel worlds. The two worlds can set up a new gate in a certain horizon of each race in areas 1.0, and one for each race, such as the first star. This gate is used to link the same place in the world. In areas 0.0 and below, such gates need to be built by the corporations or alliances themselves.
  1. In EVE launcher, can choose tranquility or dawn, which facilitates the consistency of server versions. At the same time, maintenance costs are low, and players are free from downloading two clients.

What are you talking about?

I think, if I’m reading this right, he’s wanting:

A copy of TQ to be made. same systems, same npc stuff, no player stuff.

The players to be able to jump between these, from certain systems. Either through npc built gates, or those built by alliances in sov null.

I’m not sure why he thinks this is a good idea.

I am a Chinese player, I mean tranquility is the current server, there is also a server in China is dawn, two servers by setting the parallel world to combine two servers into a server. Each had to pass through a new gate to the other world. The gate could be set up in each of the four empires’ 1.0 zones, and the 0.0 would have to be built by the players themselves. The benefit to the player is that there are more people, more areas to explore, just a client is needed, just an option to build a new character is tranquility or dawn, the benefit for the operator is to reduce the cost of server maintenance, Once updated, the current two server versions are synchronized in real time.

What happened to Serenity?

Nothing happened, just an idea and a suggestion.

The split between China and the rest of the world is down to the Chinese government, not CCP.

Unless there’s a change in China, there were never be a way (which CCP will support) of Chinese players, playing with the rest of the world.

I got it! Thank you for your reply. Hopefully, one day, two worlds will be one world.

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