Serenity a new start and a new era


I am looking for a English UI for the new serenity server and I am asking for an invitation to an English speaking Serenity Corp.

Can some one help me out with account creation and corp membership alongside emailing me the English UI patch?


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Is serneity under the new scheme accepting non china players?

Serenity may be the only place left to play an interesting version of EVE - who would have thought that a few years ago?

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Id give it a couple months.

Only a matter of time before corruption seeps in, and we see people buying titans and skill injectors from thin air directly from CCCP(Extra C is for China,).

Thats china for you.


Always thought Serenity was exclusive to China

It is. But im sure you can use a VPN to access it.

Take my love,

Take my land,


bittersweet memories… why did they not renew?

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How could they ? Everyone’s either ■■■■■■■ dead or dying …

The server is already established though, so you would be starting from zero in a universe that already has loads of RMT, its no better than just starting a fresh alpha here :stuck_out_tongue:

Server got reset with new dev

Unlikely, do you realise how much backlash such a poor choice would incur, it would be like them resetting EVE, none of the existing players would come back to start from scratch which would make the relaunch a complete and utter failure :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve done it so uhmm not really. A TQ restart would see numbers at least double so your point is mute anyway.

I sure will not “see it”. So i dunno.

Not even remotely, most people aren’t going to restart from scratch to grind back to do simple things like incursions and level 4 missions again, mark my words thats a death sentence for the server, you don’t just wipe a persistent universe and expect people to keep playing, all that wasted subscription cash just up in smoke and you don’t even get a game closure over it, thats the ultimate middle finger, i mean “some” would restart on TQ but the game would die over it


Actually I would agree with Brewlar. A complete wipe could bring in a brand new blood because of the opportunities. Sure, of the old veterans from 2003 would probably not come back, but those would be replaced by others. Starting fresh on equal footing would be attractive to many and many corps would flourish as well.

A complete wipe would be an awful idea for the reasons mentioned. Better to just make new content that appeals to all players, like abyssal deadspace/exploration did.

The only thing I could see as resembling a ‘fresh’ start is to open up the jove region for colonization, but only allow a special ship to enter that can only hold blueprints and civilian modules like mining/pop guns. Even then alliances would mass 1000s of players to begin mining and pumping out ships inside the new territory.

The idea “veterans will be replaced by new blood” is popular here for like 10 years already. And still it proves to be wrong even with all changes made to replace veterans with new players. Yes, veterans leave as expected but number of new players is not high enough to fully replenish server population.

So i’m convinced that server reset will not achieve desired result. Like people say it will be death sentence for the game.


Hah. No way. People have spent real money on extractors/injectors and other cosmetic items. If CCP deleted all of it they would be justified in feeling extremely pissed off, and if that happened to me I think I’d quit out of sheer disgust. Server reset on TQ = this kills the game.

To all the people saying a tq reset kills the game kets wait a while and see what happens on serenity.