Korean Eve Online

Korea Eve Online (KEO)

Wouldn’t it just be better to to merge all of the countries that have their own Eve Online server together thus expanding the number of solar systems and content…oh my the content that would be found as the Main Eve Online cluster battles for supremacy with the new clusters.

My, what emergent gameplay that would be.

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Probably has to do with countries net/infrastructure, laws, etc, having it like it is now simplifies it, including people who find that some countries pay way less for the same game would get some in a fit.

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So I guess I’m confused. As far as I’m aware the only separate EVE server was China due to chinese government restrictions, until that one folded recently.

Korea as I understand has never been on a separate server. The game has just finally be localized for their language.


This. EVE is happening on only one server atm. The approval process is still ongoing for the separate China server; this led to the creation of the Army of Mango alliance here on TQ, as a bunch of Chinese players had been feeling withdrawal symptoms.


So on that note I’m curious. I’ve never really looked into it. Was Serenity created because China was blocking access to TQ and so the only way CCP could expand into China was a separate server? If that is the case are players now playing illegitimately (vpn or some such) or is China allowing it now?

It seems to me at this point even if a new serenity server was created the chinese players might not want to start over again.

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Which countries are those?


AFAIK you are generally correct. I don’t think China was blocking EVE specifically, but, setting aside the Great Firewall of which I have heard but am not completely familiar - if you want to operate a for-profit business in China, you have to go through an approval process.

Its not just to filter out politics, but other cultural sensitivities. It recently came up that some occurrences of skulls in our icons or other graphics may be changing (or be changed only for them, idk.) . Korean players get to see advice about ‘excessive gaming’ … because some of them have been found in internet cafes, forgetting to eat… and worse.

Your last point is a valid concern, but when it starts up again, CCP’s China partner will begin advertising and be offering a fully translated experience, where some of our Chinese friends on TQ right now are going on memory of what the buttons do, and/or perhaps learning one of the supported languages :wink:

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  1. We get only Korea language to client. Not separate server.
  2. China server is long ago dead (because CCP stopped to update it) so everyone from China that wanted to play EVE is playing on TQ
  3. There is way to many dead systems. We don’t need new space just to be instantly taken by big guys. Even in golden EVE era with peak of population, there was also many empty systems.

I can’t wait for the torrent of tears that will be the EVE-O forums once the Koreans move in and take over New Eden. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet was the localization issue.

If you ever thought that the little bees et al took the game too seriously, you are in for a real treat once the Koreans move in.


Or will the incoming player base ally, and just become part of the blue donut?

I was just thinking this today. I really hope this comes to fruition and we see a shake up in sov.


No matter how many millions of Korean pro gamers will come they won’t outrun delve income and accumulated assets in few days even if they spent insane amount of money. Even if something will happen it wont happen soon and by that time all krabs have time to prepare.

Stereotypes… Stereotypes everywhere

But there is no boob jiggle physics in EVE, contrary to Black Desert, so EVE will stay niche game.


Yet. :smirk:


Maybe we’ll get captains quarters back, with boob jiggle physics… XD


I welcome our new Korean overlords.


Serenity and Tranquility are the only live Eve servers which have existed. Anything else is development.

Korea didn’t get their own server, they just got a translated version of the client, to make it easier for those koreans who don’t speak, or are not comfortable playing in, English.

Currently, Serenity isn’t running, because of issues with the Chinese government. All games in China require approval by their government, and this has not been forthcoming yet. There’s a closed beta, but that’s it. It had been running with one partner, and CCP decided not to renew with them, moving to another partner. CCP can’t run the game themselves in China. If/When approval is forthcoming, Serenity will properly reopen.

Those Chinese citizens playing on TQ are doing so in violation of their country’s laws (as far as I understand it. I’m not a lawyer)


C’mon, Dryson…you are hardly new around EvE…you should know better…


And for online games servers have to be physically located in China.