An anxious player from Chinese server asking for support

Dear Dev

I am writing this to express my worries about Chinese server. Because I heard our server will be closed shortly.

Since new patch released in World server, we haven’t got any update until now. A lot of players are guessing CCP will end our server, as this delay is unusual.

I wish you can clarify this and tell me an approximately time for the new update. Now Tiancity — your Chinese agency start a big discount event and I am not sure if I can buy one year game time or not. Because I cannot image what happened if the server closed.

I played this game for almost ten years, I love it…

Hope to hear from you soon.

HQing Xu


Thanks for the likes, Players in world server.

GL&HF , enjoy the farming :slight_smile:

From what I remember, Chinese server was closed in the past, and then reopened few times. You can play on Tranquility too.

I am, no, for our corporation, we are too old to move. We make our POS online together,we set up our station together and we build this tiny but warm and sweet home in this server for 7 years. If the news is unfortunate, we have to leave the game with our fade memory.

Anyway, thank you for the reply, my friend. Die and rebirth, that is EVE, yes?


It might just be a localisation issue or a problem with the company running Tiancity. Either way you are absolutely right to be apprehensive, particularly since Tiancity players have received no information about the delay.

I hope the developer is able to answer your query soon!

O7 from Tranquility

Thank you for the support! GL&HF

Join those fraternity guys that annoy us on Tranquility with VPN access :stuck_out_tongue:

From memory, I remember reading about that CCP would be merging the Chinese server with the Tranquility server(s).
I did not verify any of the above information and I don’t where I could find it again.

I also remember reading or hearing that the Chinese servers were allowed to do a few things which (we) were not allowed to do on the Tranquility server (or, elsewhere than in China, as it were).
One of those thing was RMT, which, I am not going to get into details here.

btw, this reply almost died before I could post it.

I remember seeing Chinese players from the Chinese server (whether named Tiancity or other btw, I also thought Tiancity was a Chinese city name, not an EVE Online server) play at the FanFest or EVE Vegas in competition against some of the best teams Tranquility server in an EVE Online Tournament.

I am pretty sure that the Chinese developers have done a lot of work for the game system and I don’t know what they are doing now, and what the delay is about or what is causing it yet.

Thank you.

I didn’t know that they restarted the Chinese server service after stopping it longer than for patches, or updates.

think the chinese government might have somethign to say about that

anyway i thought chinese servers were always patched late
back when we had expac every 6 months
i think china was always 6 months behind

That would make sense given the conditions

are the chinese servers going to be merged with west servers?

I certainly hope not, while I wouldn’t be opposed to migrating characters over, merging the server assets would be devastating. from what i’ve heard the inflation on tiancity is even more wildly out of control than it is on tranquility.

The introduction of that much isk, and that many ships would cause prices of plex to skyrocket even more than they have been. while simultaneously crashing the value of everything else.

migrating characters, and hell, even plex along with them, would still let chinese players join our server without feeling like they have lost EVERYTHING and are having to start over completely from scratch. and letting them bring their plex along (the only thing that is actually bought with IRL cash) means that they could still have a good head start isk wise. while at the same time dumping a whole ton of plex onto the market, helping to keep the prices down.

I also think that all the worries about a merger with chinese players causing tranquility prices to over inflate the same way are just ■■■■■■■■ fearmongering. AFAIK the reason for the massive over inflation is because their “big blue doughnut” situation is much much worse than it is here, (when was the last time you heard about a major null-war from tiancity). while i’m sure botters exist, its more the lack of asset destruction and even greater null-safety that causes the inflation. things that wouldn’t just suddenly change overnight.

They would still need to carve out a new area for themselves to operate in, which would result in more null-wars, at least in the short term, which is a good thing.


I am 99.9% sure that it won’t happen.

Politics aside, I’d welcome the Chinese players into our shared server. The game is richer with the presence of all the different nationalities trying to blow each other up, there are some clever people in China so we might learn a few things.


I’d rephrase that like “we’d get some permabans.” but probably after you enjoyed a large amount of ISK.

Maybe at last CCP would take bots and ISK inflation seriously here… Who am I kidding…

Do I have to remind everyone how ghost training was treated? It wasnt even acknowledged for months.

Merging servers is almost impossible.

A merge would almost certainly consist of allowing Serenity players to only transfer characters to tranquillity.

The difference in economies is just too large, with Serenity being dominated by large botnets and isk being worth less than 10% it is on tranquillity.

Sov would also just be impossible to transfer.

Maybe the patch difference will eventually bleed Chinese server to its demise, given that EVE patches were never so bad like WOW expansions which just trashes all the last expansion’s endgame contents.

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Pretty much this. But regardless I’m fairly certain the Chinese gov’t wouldn’t allow such a migration to occur.

As I recall there are several restrictions put upon any game to be released in their country in relation to what it can contain as well as mandatory filters/monitoring of chats. Things as simple as images of skulls cannot be present all the way to anything hinting towards political uprisings (someone feel free to correct me if this has changed over the years, but I know a few games were slapped with the last one and blocked).

Facts aside, that would likely be an amazing thing for EVE as a whole simply due to the clash of ideals and a rush to reestablish sov holdings. Politics have really done a number to sov null increasing stagnation since long before citadels and jump fatigue. I can literally point back to the implementation of alliances and alliance level standings for when this started to solidly take root as people were suddenly able to clearly and quickly identify friend from foe.

Merging wouldn’t ever be possible. The better option is just to RMT all your assets in Serenity and use that money to buy PLEX and stuffs in Tranquility. Should help with PLEX prices in short terms maybe…