PN 18.01.23 - Access Restrictions for Mainland China

Added access restrictions to Tranquility from mainland China.

Interesting tidbit today. What is that about? No announcement, not explanations either.


This is a dead game NOW.

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What in tarnation is going on? The Chinese community is one of the largest here! They are family! RL pressure from the powers-that-be? I pay for two accounts; others pay a manure-cart-load for more. I want to know.

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The new Infinity server is never going to get enough players if Chinese people can connect to TQ.

Also, CCP doesn’t want its citizens playing these Western games where people can get silly and foolish little ideas put into their heads, like for example feeling that they should be able to say anything they want without going to a reeducation camp, or not wanting to be given a lethal injection in one of the country’s many (very successful) execution buses for not meeting their social credit quota one year. So they probably kindly asked the other CCP (the one that’s not the world’s biggest economy and doesn’t have a bunch of nuclear ICBMs) to put in this little fix, or their intellectual property would be confiscated and they’d be barred from doing business in China ever again.

Them’s the breaks.

By the way, you’ve got like an hour or two tops before this thread is locked and unlisted, so better make the most of it while you can.


Yay, less bots…


We told Fraternity not to poke the bear, man

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I have met a lot of people from different professions who play EVE, including government servants, police officers and military personnel, which you call the “powerful sector”.

But I just want to tell you the obvious: I and my friends just want to enjoy EVE on the Infinity server. No Chinese player has ever been imprisoned, assassinated, had their credit card confiscated or any other stupid “political persecution” for playing EVE.

All I see is that CCP is banning me from its games.

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Trust me, the CCP you think is banning you isn’t the CCP that actually is.

Our CCP would never do it because it simply loves money too much.

Frat killed my ship. So I told the company as large share holder to disable access.

I joke of course but there goes my turkey shoot.

reeducation camp sounds familiar, you mean the country has only 5% of the earth’s population, but holds 25% of the world’s prisoners?


One more piece of evidence for you: this video about a Chinese player fighting on the Infinity server was posted to the BILIBILI website - a video site controlled and managed by the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China - and it has been on this site for five years and has already had 350w views.

If the CCP doesn’t want his people to play on the Infinity server, why didn’t she delete the video?


Just because there was no enforcement in the past, doesn’t mean there won’t be enforcement in the future.

For example, Steam was allowed in China just fine, until recently it wasn’t. My Chinese friends on Steam weren’t too happy about that, I can tell you that much.

That object is just a hater, don’t be so serious with it

FRT is well-known for getting caught botting. If this move reduces that, then good riddance…


Your statement is hilarious to me because I’m launching STEAM right now

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THX (,´•ω•)ノ"(´っω•`。)

Give another year for the licensing regulations to kick in. We’ll revisit the topic at that time.

Until then, you can spend your time rabidly defending your government instead of even considering the possibility that this game’s developers didn’t “ban” their second largest national demographic by choice.


Russians down. Chinese down. Canadians, you’re next… :rofl:


Mais non!

We shall fight them on the bleachers. We shall fight them in the Timmies (while waiting calmly in line.) We shall fight them in the trendy malls, at the local cafés (here’s your tip, ma’am!), we shall fight them in the traffic snarls (don’t shake your fist dear, it’s not polite.) We shall never surrender!

We won’t be rude about it, but we will give you a pretty firm what-for. Best not to push, really.

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Long overdue.

Now it is time to remove permissions for VPN connections to finally close the door.