Eve Echoes Censors The Words "Hong Kong"

I have never been one to complain un-necessarily to CCP over stupid stuff. But I demand…DEMAND that CCP explain to me and the world how they can possibly live with themselves allowing the name of Hong Kong to be censored on all Eve Echoes chat.

Whats next, turning all our data over to the Communist Dictatorship in China? You need to explain this, or I am going to the media with the story. How are we to ever trust CCP again if they allow this sort of blatant and tyrannical censorship of the NAME OF A PLACE.

CCP didn’t make Eve Echoes, like they made EVE online. Net Ease, a chinese company is really what is behind eve echoes. So complain to THAT CCP, not our CCP.

I will complain to every CCP. Net Ease, and anyone else I ■■■■■■■ care to.

You’re upset because China censors talking about a U.S. psyop in a video game? You are definitely “complaining un-necessarily”.

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Hong Kong is not a psy op, it is a PLACE. A place where people JUST LIKE YOU live. You need to re-evaluate your ethical standards.


I am not concerned with what the media will do to China over this, so the Great Dictator can keep laughing. My goal with this movement, and it is that…is to get CCP to answer for this and change the policy. A PLACE should not be censored.

Which movement, your hips?

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Again, you need to re-evaluate what sort of person you are. Maybe try and make some improvements.


You can’t improve what’s perfect.

Bad people suck, you seem one of the worst.

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