Azariel KM

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It’s on serenity, it probably came out of a loot box

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yep, nobody cares about the chinese server here… posts about serenity shouldn’t be allowed similar to eve echoes aren’t allowed.


Is this the sinophobe thread?

looks up

Yup. Sure is.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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yea no fear or anything towards the chinese… some of my favorite people happen to be asian.

serenity is so far removed from what eve is, why post about it on our forums, when they no doubt have their own.

The Chinese server is so much better anyway. They finally fixed the whole griefing issue by getting rid of the non-consensual PvP that’s keeping our EVE in the ganking dark ages. And also you can just buy ships instead of grinding in-game for them.

I get the impression it’s more like a PvP server looking down on a PvE server.

I just want some of the ships from Serenity…

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Meh…CCP have no plans to do that with Tranquility. But if they ever did…here’s my advance notice that I’d cancel my subscription the same day.

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