Tranquility, Serenity and Singularity – An Update

Over the course of this weekend, the Serenity cluster that hosts EVE China has been taken offline to prepare for the re-launch of EVE Online in China with our new partner, NetEase.

CCP will begin to host and operate Serenity for our players in China as a part of the new agreement with NetEase, rather than having a third party hosting the cluster.

This means that as our infrastructure changes, so does the role of Singularity, our test server for EVE Online.

One of the key aims of our partnership with NetEase is to ensure that Tranquility and Serenity stay as close to parity as possible in terms of content, and we aim to be in a position where Serenity is either running the same release as Tranquility or is one release behind.

This means that as of today, with preparations for the re-launch of EVE China, Singularity will begin to host content destined for either, or both servers.

This will include SKINs, localization and monetization features that are destined only for Serenity, along with changes to the client that are required to comply with Chinese law. Changes to the launcher and client that need to be made because of Chinese law will however only be active in the Serenity packaged version of EVE.

As always, the EVE community is renowned for its level headedness when changes are ported to Singularity for testing, and we expect that our pilots will understand that Singularity is a test environment, and that not everything that is tested there makes it to our live game environment!

If you’d like to discuss this news item, please feel free to do so in this thread!


First! New item?

At first I was like :open_mouth:

Then I totally :rofl:

Good one Falcon.


So TL;DR: Don’t panic if we see stuff that is crazy level of monetization, It may be headed just for Serenity. Not us.


Haha, this made my day.

It could just as easily be heading for us, not Serenity :wink:

what changes will happen to ships if serenity pours on singularity?

Will there be a way to tell apart features for Serenity and those for Tranq (if not obvious)?


I really really hope that the Chinese government through their β€œlaws” will forever be completely unable to tell CCP/Pearl Abyss what to put and what not to put on the Tranquility server. And that whatever CCP/Pearl Abyss does end up being forced to put on the Serenity cluster that CCP/Pearl Abyss really doesn’t actually want to put on the Serenity cluster will forever stay just on the Serenity cluster.

Will the players from Serenity be able to log in the Singularity with their accounts? :thinking:

I guess it’s the time when you see a Dragon or a β€œη¦β€ on ships ! :joy:

Just like this

Pearl Abyss are a Korean company, not Chinese.



when this content be released on sisi



No. There is a separate set of test servers for Serenity.


Some amazingly vibrant SKIN’s have been produced for Serenity. More TQ players are going to see them now, exposing CCP to increased demands.

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It doesn’t have any influence on TQ players I presume, but as you mention it, could you tell us what has to be different for the Serenity client in order to abide Chinese law?

Also, nice to hear that Serenity is going to be hosted by CCP directly.

That’s a really loaded broad question.